Debian bug report logs - index

These pages give access to bugs submitted to debian-bugs but not yet marked as done, and to bugs marked as done but not yet purged from the database (this happens 28 days after the last message relating to the report). The files here are checked every 30 minutes (last update 20:43:02 GMT Mon 06 Nov).

There are also shorter summary indices sorted by package name and bug reference number; these list only the outstanding bugs, and do so more briefly.

The primary site is at the University of Cambridge in the UK; a mirror (frequently updated) is available at the Central Michigan University in the US.

Instructions for reporting a bug are available, as well as information for Debian developers and some thoughts about the future development of the system. There are other ways of accessing the logs for those without World Wide Web access.

The Debian GNU/Linux home page is available, there is a FAQ, and the Debian developers' mailing lists are archived.

Outstanding bug reports:

Junk (messages without a specific bug report number):

(`this week' is everything since last Wednesday.)

Resolved bug reports:

(Cleaned out 28 days after the last related message is received.)
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