Gloom Reviews

For those of you who don't know what all this is about; read on! Basicly everything about Gloom, Gloom CD≥≤ and Gloom Deluxe! Pictures included of course.


Gloom was the first ever commercial 3D shoot'em-up for the Amiga using texture mapping and free movement. In the game you step into the trousers of a warrior in mission to finish the Cultists for all and to discover the secrets of Gloom (which were?). So, forget the plot and prepare your trigger finger for some real hardcore action, cos that's what the game is about.

Gloom gives you three different worlds each with seven levels. Through the game you'll encounter all kinds of evil creatures and traps and finally the Big Boss itself ;). Fear not, there's no need trying to finish the game alone as Gloom offers a chance for two players to play the game on the same computer, via serial-link or modem. Also, a special death match mode is available. Playing with a friend is not a bad idea at all as Gloom apprears to be a real tough one to win.

Gloom uses a special copper to chunky graphics conversation which makes the graphics look rather blocky and messy. To ease the situation yhere are two different resolution to choose from and possibility to change the screen size. To speed up the game one can also select different options for floor and ceiling graphics. Despite everything, Gloom runs happily even on a standard A1200 plus installs to the harddrive (with a small bug in the installer).

Although the game has a couple of nasty bugs left (fixes available from these pages) and the graphics are pretty messy (This is where the Deluxe comes in) Gloom is great fun - especially in the two player mode. If you still don't own either of these two, buy the Deluxe version.

Gloom CD≥≤

Well, it seems that Black Magic didn't want to spend any extra on the CD version. No, you won't find extra speech and cool rendered animation from this CD. The game is identical to the disk version. It's the same game available for those of you who happen to own a CD32. The only difference I could find was that the CD32 pads were put to primary position in the control options.

To mention something more of these original Glooms, there's a nice "gore" switch in the game that allows you to alter the amount of gore from much to even more, and that's why ELSPA have sticked an X for ages 3-10 ;).

The screen shots you see are both for Gloom Deluxe as we couldn't snap any from the Original Gloom (thanks John). The one above is supposed to have a bit blockier gfx to give you a some sort of a picture. Also, the Original Gloom hasn't got any gun graphics in it.. Just to let you know.

There was said to be a CD version of Gloom Deluxe or Gloom 2 but Black Magic never finished them as they thought the sales weren't good enough.

For playable preview of the Original Gloom check out the files section!

Gloom Deluxe

Sorry, this one will be updated as I get the game itself ;).