Miscellaneous Things

I'll put all kinds of miscellaneous stuff here, like news and things that don't fit any of those
other groups.

A rumour like this was out some (a long I think) time ago:

"Fans of Gloom will find themselves very well catered for in the next few months. Black Magic are set to release Gloom Deluxe, a Gloom Data Disk, and Gloom 2 CD≥≤.

Gloom Deluxe will feature enhanced graphics and is set to run on any Amiga with atleast Two megabytes of RAM and an accelerator. The High Street date for release is the end of September.

The Gloom Data Disk caters for existing Amiga 1200 owners and features a cornucopia of new levels with 'enhanced' graphics. Street day is set for around the end of October.

Last, but not least of the new offerings is Gloom 2 CD≥≤. The title is going to be changed to sound more a bit more exciting, but the game itself will feature the same engine, driving a set of new levels with superior graphics. The release date is set to end of October."


Ok, so nothing strange in that, but what then actually happened?

Well, Gloom Deluxe came out with all its improvements and was very good game indeed.
After that, Black Magic were about to release the Gloom Data Disks with new levels and textures, but when both Glooms started selling one a week, they gave up. The data disks were hold back from release and the CD≥≤ version idea was (aparently) totally scrapped.

Now, as Mark Sibly is working on PC (boo!) and for some reason, the demand for Gloom stuff has risen,
he has promised to release the Data Disk for FREE! Yes, for free! So, the only place to find it, are these pages. Be sure to watch the Files section as they'll be put there very shortly. Some other NEW Gloom stuff will also follow.

Hope this will delight the day of every Gloom lover!