Welcome indeed! The Gloom pages are here to bring answers to everything you ever wanted to know about the Gloom-games from Black Magic.

Ok, nobody has paid me for this. Nope, it's all from my own will. I'm putting up my other web pages too, this is just part of them. I just thought that, game as good as Gloom deserves to have its pages as well as Alien Breed 3D II for example and I also want to give something (hopefully) useful for the whole Amiga community. And AFAIK, there are no other Gloom pages.

To start with, as you some already know, Mark Sibly from Black Magic won't continue the Gloom series. Atleast not for a while as he's a PC programmer nowdays (shit!). So, I asked him what he would think of the idea and if he could supply me with some Gloom pictures for the page. I got the pictures and he told me that you could be the offical page keeper aswell (I was thinking of only some unoffical pages).
He also promised to send me some unreleased files to put on these pages.

Now, here we are then! Hope you all enjoy and find these pages useful!

Some notes next:

Graphicians Ahoy!

As you have probably noticed, I'm no graphician. In case you are, and you got some free time, why not paint me a better Gloom-backdrop, cooler buttons and a nice divider (I know, the one I have is stolen from A.Powell's Breed Page) and I'll put the best ones in use and of course, you'll get lots of fame and credit! How about that? Just send the contributions to my email address.