Bugfixes To Gloom

Yep, there are atleast three bugs in Gloom that I know of. Solutions to those nasties
can be found from here. If you have any other bugs to report (and know the solution too)
just drop me an email here.

Uh oh! Gloom overwrote my startup-sequence as I installed it to my HD!

NEVER install Gloom to your root dir, especially to the booting partition, like SYS: - The installer doesn't
create its own dir so you'll have to do it yourself and then later enter that path to the installer.

After I have played for a while with a joystick, the rotate function locks up so that I can only
side-step by pushing sideways on my shaft. This makes the game unplayable especially if I get stuck
to a wall in some angle. Quitting the game won't help - it's back to DOS and reload!

AFAIK the problem is only on A1200/030's but other machines might have experienced it aswell. The game is much more playable from the keyboard anyways so why use a joystick ;)? Anyway, if you stick your joystick into mouse port and then select Joystick 2 for Player 1, your problems might be solved.

How the f*** do I get the modem options to work?

This is probably the most confusing bug in Gloom. Anyway, the easiest way of fixing it and using modem is to put a terminal program running to the background. The meaning for this is that the DTR should be activated. Otherwise the modem options won't work. Other thing that counts is the right baud rate. The game SHOULD work atleast on 9600 bps if not with faster ones, this may vary on different modems though. The most suggestable rates are 2400, 4800, 9600 and 38400 especially on USR's.

To my knowledge, the bugs above are removed from the Deluxe version.

There seems to be a problem in Gloom Deluxe with ECS and CyberGFX: The colours are still in ECS mode! How do I fix this?

Here's what Dean Husby did to fix it:

In your Gloom Directory you'll see the file Gloomcfg. Using a normal text editor (ED works fine) simply count down 10 lines to the line just below the 8 (or 6 in some modes). Change the line 10, 0 to 1 and save.
Example gloom Config file (After the ---'s)
0 ----= Change this 0 into a 1 and your done.
Note: You'll have to do this every time you save the config!

(This should fix the problem. I have no chance testing it as I'm running Gloom on an A1200.)

If any more bugs appear, I'll add them to the list.