Downloadable Files

Demos, utils and goodies for Gloom - all downloadable from here. Of course you all remember that these files are PD.

Playable Demo of Gloom

Check out a playable one-level demo of the first commercial Wolf3d-clone on Amiga! This demo was also featured in the The One-Amiga magazine.

Requirements: AGA Amiga with atleast 2MB RAM.
Info: GloomDemo.lha (438k)

Press here to download the demo!

Playable Demo of Gloom Deluxe

A one-level demo of the Gloom's follow-up, the Deluxe version of Gloom. This one supports 1x1 gfx resolution, graphic cards and even the i-Glasses!

Requirements: OCS/ECS/AGA Amiga with atleast 68020 processor and 2MB RAM.
Info: Gloom_Deluxe.dms (589k)

Press here to download the demo!

Alternative Chunky 2 Planar Routines for Gloom Deluxe

By Peter McGavin, this version (1.0) of the archive contains three different C2P routines, one for 020, one for 040 and one for CD32's Akiko Chip. The effect of these routines should be to speed up the game and mainly its graphics. Read the instructions inside the archive!

Requirements: Gloom Deluxe or Gloom Deluxe Demo.
Info: GloomC2P10.lha (28k)

Press here to download the file!

Gloom Deluxe HD Scenario & Level Selector

By Pavel 'PK' Kuncl, this little utility lets you skip and select the scenario and level you want to start from. Gloom Deluxe needs to be installed to hard disk. Instructions inside.

Requirements: Gloom Deluxe.
Info: GDSelector.lha (2k)

Press here to download the file!

Gloom Deluxe Cheat Stuff

By A.Friedrich, this archive contains the following:
- A bit improved level/world selector.
- Auto saving/last played level-options.
- German translations for the texts.
It also has some funny bugs left in the saving stuff.

Requirements: Gloom Deluxe HD/Disk.
Info: Gloom_Cheat.lha (16k)

Press here to download the file!

Gloom (+Gloom Deluxe) Level & Map Editor

Now here's a hot one for you all. Made by Mark Sibly, this is THE level editor used for creating Gloom levels. It has never been released before and very big thanks to Mark for letting us all have it. As Black Magic have stopped Amiga activites and the sequels to Gloom were never released, Mark thought to give this level editor for free as to bring out new life to Gloom (it certainly will!). The editor is meant for the original Gloom but might work with Deluxe too. Remember to read the instructions carefully.

Note: All bug reports should be sent to Mark Sibly as he might even fix them!

Requirements: AGA Amiga & the Original Gloom, but might work with Deluxe too.
Info: Gloomed.lha (74k), gloomed.txt (10k), Gloomdat.lha (390k)

Press here to download the first part!
Press here to download the second part!
Press here to download the third part!
(You need all the three files)

Trainers for both Glooms

Here are two trainers for both Gloom and Gloom Deluxe. Just start them before the game and set the options how you want. Should make your lives a bit easier ;). Made by Sunflex Inc. (Don't ask me where I got them or who these people are, ok? If you really have to, try figure it out yourself!)

Requirements: Gloom or Gloom Deluxe.
Info: GTrainers.lha (72k)

Press here to download the file!

Gloom Trainers V2.0 UPDATE

New versions of both Gloom trainers from John Girvin.

Requirements: The original Gloom and/or Gloom Deluxe.
Info: GloomTrainer.lha (19k), GDTrainer.lha (19k)

Press here to download the Gloom trainer!
Press here to download the Gloom Deluxe trainer!

Gloom Graphics

Here's the graphic archive Mark Sibly sent me when I begun to create these pages. In case you're in need of some Gloom gfx or need to see how some of the actual game characters are made, take a look. Some of the pictures are also used on these pages.

Requirements: An IFF viewer ;)
Info: Gloompic.lha (61k)

Press here to download the file!

A Guide for creating your own enemies

A big thanks to Jon Bullard for writing this brief guide for all of you who seek it. I know it wasn't the easiest task to figure out how to create the enemies. Next thing I want to see is loads of new enemies sent to me. ;)

Requirements: A picture and text viewer.
Info: Newbaddies.lha (63k)

Press here to download the file!

Gloom Player Levels

Ok, finally I recieved some extra levels made with the easy-to-use editor. Some more people have also promised to give me some levels, but I haven't recieved any yet. I'll add all the levels I will recieve to this list so that you can pick them from here. Press the link to download them. (IBrowse users remember to press shift).

Gloom Mini Levels - Three mini levels from Terry Jay Stone in data-disk style.
New SpaceHulk Levels - Thanks to Chris Collings & Jon Bullard. Install info included. Read the readme!
Maps - Two separate maps from the same boys.
Combat Maps - Seven new combat levels with ENEMIES! By Jon Bullard.
Computerlevels V1.1 - Computer levels by Jon Bullard. Including home made textures! :) Jon is working on his own baddies too.

John Girvin's Gloomy Breed series:

GloomyBreed256 - The first five Gloomy Breed levels (256 colors)
GloomyBreed256 textures - 256 colored textures for the GB levels
GloomyBreed4096 - 4096 color versions of the five levels
GloomyBreed Readme - Read this for all kinds of info!

Player levels are strongly needed!
Please send your levels to me so that we can make a real collection of them!

Update: After a long delay I finally mailed Mark about the Gloom Data Disk(s) which he promised to give me to release through these pages and he said that his Amiga is currently broken. So, after he gets it fixed we might still get the Data Disk(s).