Hints and Tips for Gloom

Having trouble at some point? Stuck in some level or are you just in need general tips?
The answer can be found from here!

Note: I'd be delighted if all you Gloom-players would devote to this page by sending hints/tips you've found, level maps you've done and secret room locations.

General tips:

Learn to use the side-step function if you already don't. It'll turn out to be really usefull!

In every level, there's a secret room where you can found extra weapons, health and some other usefull things. They are usually walls with different textures. I'm about to put some (or maybe all) level maps online as soon as I get them into IFF form some way (Anyone?).

In case you didn't know, the save-game function lets you save the game after each episode (7 levels) and you can restart the game from there after you have died or quitted to DOS.

There's also a "Defender" arcade-game in some levels where you can win extra lives if you manage to complete the level (kill all the green baddies). An easy way to complete the game is that you just fly in the top right or left corner of the screen and keep shooting like hell!:)

Advanced hints:

On disk 2 of gloom in the dir 'misc' there is a file named 'script'. Use a XPK decruncher or Crunchmania to decompress this file. Now load the file into a text editor and you will be able to edit the script to start at any level. Now save the script and recrunch it with Crunchmania or a XPK packer that supports Crunchmania.

Level Maps:

Thanks once more to John Girvin for supplying these pictures.
Warning! Displaying these maps will spoil all the fun. The secret rooms are of course included too.
Press on the highlighted text to display/download the level.

Space Hulk Gothic Tomb Hell
Level 1Level 1Level 1
Level 2Level 2Level 2
Level 3Level 3Level 3
Level 4Level 4Level 4
Level 5Level 5Level 5
Level 6Level 6Level 6
Level 7Level 7Level 7

If anyone has any more tips to tell or knows some cheat modes, then why not contacting me and I'll put them into these pages. Once more, if you have level maps, they're also very welcome.