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Activities & Competitions

IC 1997/98 Internet Amiga F1GP championship

If you're fed up of playing against the computer controlled cars in F1GP and you think you are pretty good at the game, then why not try racing against other human drivers. You will have to be quite good (well brilliant actually) to consistently be the fastest driver around. If you like the sound of this then have a look at the page and see how to join. Alternatively, you may wish to take part in the Amateur Internet Formula One World Championship which caters for absolute beginners.

HoF The Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame

Done any fast laps recently? If so, why not send your lap times to compete in the Hall of Fame and see if you have got what it takes to be the fastest Amiga F1GPer around - mark my words, this is not easy - just take a look at the page and you'll see what I mean (and I thought I was fast).

Utilities / Editors / Patches

Are you one of those people who thinks F1GP is out of date? (erm... okay, it is out of date due to the fact that it is based on the 1991 season). If so, I think you may find these programs help transform this rather excellent game into something which is newer, harder, better and more realistic. They are compatible with all versions of F1GP or World Circuit unless otherwise stated.

Utils The F1GP Utilities page

  • F1GP-Ed 3.36
  • F1GP-SaveEd 1.1
  • HoF-Analyzer 1.2


- Amiga F1GP Mailing List - The ultimate e-mail based resource for F1GP fans.
- F1GP Troubleshooting - Having problems running F1GP on your Amiga? Look here for solutions.
- Amiga F1GP PerfBase - Archives of peoples perf files generated by AGPPerf.
- F1 Related Music Modules - A collection of mods to play on your Amiga.

F1GP/WC Related Remote Links

- Alan Strang's Amiga F1GP Pages - Lots of add-ons for F1GP and F1GP-Ed.
- Amiga F1GP - The Help Section - Tips & guides to help you become a better F1GP driver.
- Amateur Internet Formula One World Championship - Alternative to the IAF1GPC targetted at beginners. (new)

- Atlas Team F1 Simulation Page - Platform independent megalinks page.
- MicroProse WWW Site - The company that originally published F1GP.
- WallyWorld - Build your own wheel and pedal set.
- PC F1GP/WC Resources Page - Well presented page from the author of an F1GP editor.
- PC Motorsport BBS - Australian based BBS for PC motorsport fans.
- Grand Prix 2 - MicroProse's official GP 2 web site.

Links Pages

Amiga related

Williams F1
Formula 1 & motorsport generally

One Stop Formula 1 Simulation WebRing
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