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General Amiga Pages

Amiga Web Directory
-Amiga International, Inc. - The one and only official site.
-The Amiga Web Directory - The biggest list of Amiga related links and Amiga news.
-The Amiga Home Page - The most comprehensive Amiga pages around.
-Pure Amiga - Rumours, news, guides, FAQs, links, reviews...
-GAUPHIL Main Page (and a faster mirror) - List of Amiga users on the Internet.
-Amiga Users Page - Another list of Amiga users.


-Amiga Report - The best on-line Amiga magazine.
-Amiga Report Technical Journal - Techie addition.
-Amiga Link - New on-line mag.
-Amiga Format - The biggest selling UK Amiga magazine.
-CU Amiga - Leading UK Amiga magazine.
-Enigma Amiga Run - Popular Italian magazine.
-Amiga Game Zone - Info on America's only Amiga games mag.

Software/Hardware Companies and Developers

-Team 17 Software - One of the best Amiga games developers.
-NewTek, Inc - The people who make the Video Toaster and Lightwave.
-Spectrum HoloByte-MicroProse - Publishers of F1GP, Colonization, etc.
-Fourth Level Developments - Their products and the Aminet Programmers Index.
-Special Reserve - Software/hardware mail order.
-Blittersoft - Various serious software/hardware up for grabs.
-Canon WWW Home Page - Canon printer drivers for the Amiga, amongst other things.
-Motorola - Manufacturer of processors used in Amigas.
-Power Computing - Popular hardware company.
-HiSoft Systems - Makers of Squirrel SCSI interfaces and much more.
-HiQ - UK hardware peripheral company.
-Visual Inspirations - Makers of numerous Amiga software products.
-SoftWood - Commercial software company (Final Writer, etc).
-Bitmap Brothers - Developers of many games (included Speedball, Chaos Engine, etc).
-Phase 5 - Developers of excellent accelerator and graphics boards.
-Syzygy Research & Technology - Developers of The Digital Universe.
-SCALA - The multimedia specialists.
-Compuquick Media Center - Amiga dealer based in the Columbus, Ohio, USA.
-Electronics Boutique - Leading international games & accessories retailer.
-Zeus Developments - Leaders in the field of Amiga telecommunications.
-Eyetech - Hardware retailer in the UK.
-Intangible Assests Manufacturing - US Amiga product retailer, including DICE 3.2.
-Obvious Implementaions Corp. - Makers of the DICE C compiler.
-Bullfrog - Games developer (Syndicate, Populus, etc).
-F1 Software - Leading shareware and licenseware distributor.
-Vulcan Software - Games developer, mail-order exclusive.
-Cloanto - The company behind Personal Paint.
-Silent Paws Productions - Makers of the PAWS and Gecko.
-SAdENESS Software - CD makers and mail order company.
-Clickboom - Games developer, including Capital Punishment.
-ProDAD - Software development, includes ClariSSA and Adorage.
-Golden Image (UK) - Hardware & consumables mail order.
-Software First - Games software retailer, mail order.
-Starlight Software - PD library.
-Prelusion - Up and coming Amiga software developer.
-First Computer Centre - Great mail order company for Amiga items.
-Nova Design, Inc. - Software developer; titles include ImageFX.
-Digita - Maker of top quality serious software, including Wordworth.
-Pios - Company formed by ex-Amiga Technologies personnel.

Software Sources

-Aminet WWW Sites - Index of WWW sites holding the Internet's biggest Amiga archives.
-Funet Amiga Library - Biggest non-Aminet site holding Amiga software.
-HENSA/micros Amiga Section - Archive at Lancaster University (UK), which is very up-to-date.
-Demon Internet FTP Server - Amiga ftp section from one of the UK's biggest Internet providers.
-Amiga Archiv - Miscellaneous offerings from Passau, Germany.
-Amiga Mosaic Home - Homepage for the Amiga's first web browser.
-The Fishing Hole - The Fred Fish collection.
-The Amiga Matrix - Grapevine diskmag, Amiga Scene stuff and various links.
-Shase Virtual Shareware Library - Useful search engine.
-Dark Unicorn Productions - Shareware games and utilities.
-Papa Demo Archive - All the latest Amiga demos via ftp.
-Videogames - Multi-platform game site.
-IEditor Home Page - GUI editor/creator.


-Amiga Nutta - No. 1 for the latest Amiga games news . (new)
-Games Domain - Games related information site.
-Amiga CD Zone - Lots of info including reviews, title list, cheats and compatibility.
-Latest game releases - Info on the latest game + release dates.


-The U4ia Mods Page - The mod master's music modules are back on-line.
-Lizard King - Modules by the person of the same name.
-Rip City - Music ripped from various Amiga games.
-Amiga Exotic Music Page - More exotic Amiga music modules & info.
-MOD Charts - Top 100 updated monthly.
-Metronome Mod Site - A site dedicated to the fine art of module tracking.
-OctaMED - Home page of a popular Amiga music editor.
-Mod Archive - A distinctive collection of hand-picked mods.
-The Best Game Music in the World... EVER! - Lots of tunes from famous games.

User Groups

-Amiga Atlanta Inc. Users Group
-Champaign-Urbana Commodore Users Group
-Commodore Users Group of Ireland
-Rocky Mountain Amiga User's Group
-AmiCON - Amiga Central Ohio Network.
-Waterford Amiga Users Group
-Amilon UK - Amiga London UK User Group.
-Northwest Amiga Group - Resource for Amiga users in the USA.

Demo Groups

-Limited Edition
-Ram Jam
-Purple Turtle
-Men In Black


-#Amiga IRC channel and Undernet #Amiga - Read about the world of Amiga IRC.
-WaveRider home page - More Lightwave/Toaster stuff.
-PhB URL page - Home of lots of Amiga/UNIX stuff
-SceneOnline - Info on the demo scene.
-Bit Movie1996 - Computer art festival.
-The AmigaOS Replacement Project - New portable AmigaOS project information.
-Amiga Goodies - Dave Lomax's page of links and his proggies.
-Amiga Programmers Web Site - Links to various programming related sites.
-David Manley's Home Page - Amiga links, IRC info and inline search forms.
-Amiga Resource Page - News & links.
-Amiga Translators' Organization - Dedicated to translation of Amiga software.
-Positive Shareware Authors List - Service ratings of shareware products.
-amiCrawler - Amiga search engine.
-Terry's Power Amiga Page - Amiga PowerPC news and Walker info.
-Amiga C Programming Page - Dedicated to assisting Amiga users with C programming . (new)

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