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About me

I live in Norwich, UK and I'm 22 years old. I recently graduated from the University of Essex where I studied Computer Science resulting in a BSc (Honours) degree. I'm currently looking for a job as a C programmer or in internet/web design. My main interests (which are probably pretty obvious once you start exploring my pages ;-) are motor racing (especially F1) and the Amiga computer.

My computer

My current setup is: Amiga A1200HD, Blizzard 1260, 2Mb Chip ram + 16Mb Fast ram, Workbench 3.1, Surf Squirrel, 850Mb SCSI HD, Quad-Speed SCSI CD-ROM, Iomega JAZ drive, Enterprise 288 modem.
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Amiga RC5 Team

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The Survivor
Amiga - The Survivor

Amiga software which I've written



Formula 1 Grand Prix Stuff

Amiga Formula One

My support pages for the Amiga version of MicroProse's Formula One Grand Prix simulator, plus many Amiga related and Motorsport related links.

Amiga Formula One

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Some of my favourite web sites

Amiga Web Directory

Atlas F1 News

Created with Amiga All my web pages are designed using my aforementioned Amiga computer, with software such as Photogenics 2a, Personal Paint 7 and Emacs (+ HTML-Helper). They are tested locally mainly using IBrowse, but also AWeb-II and Voyager web browsers. I also use the Apache HTTP server locally to test and check for errors. This is all done on my Amiga with a little bit of help from Miami :-)

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