Amiga Formula One F1GP-Ed 3.36 (12.10.97)

by Oliver Roberts

F1GP-Ed is an editor/enhancer for the Amiga version of Formula One Grand Prix / World Circuit. It allows you to adjust F1GP almost completely to your satisfaction. No longer is losing concentration the greatest threat to becoming world champion. With this program you'll be really pushing yourself just to put your car near the front of the grid. Full details of what is possible are contained in the documentation.

Latest News (updated 21 November 1997)

I haven't done much development on F1GP-Ed since v3.36, and it looks like the next version (3.40 if things go as planned) won't be ready until early next year :-( I will be adding some new features, including some kind of program launcher for SplitTime, AGPPerf, etc. Also, the following bugs in v3.36 have already been fixed:

  • Due to a bug in the ILBM reader code I 'borrowed', F1GP-Ed could hang (or simply show corrupted images) when decoding IFF-ILBM files using the cockpit and backdrop windows. This only happens with images that have been saved in PPaint or DPaint with a stencil switched on.


21-Nov-97: New cockpit design - James Bott has updated his rather nice cockpit design. It has many unique features, and also sports a more realistic palette (which needs to be imported into F1GP-Ed).

29-Oct-97: Final 1997 Season Data update - Added stats from the European GP. This'll probably be the last time this datafile gets updated - roll on March 1998 :-)

29-Oct-97: Polish language now supported - If you speak Polish, then you'll probably be pleased to know that F1GP-Ed can now run using this language. Thanks to Rafal Ziarnik for making this possible.

12-Oct-97: F1GP-Ed 3.36 released - If you find any bugs in this new version, please let me know asap.

1997/98 Internet Amiga F1GP Championship

Join in the fun - New season underway

Visit the IAF1GPC web site for more details


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