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(Updated 17/10/97)

Hurricane Software.

World Foundry to sign to Vulcan.

Vulcan Join Forces with GTI.

News Round-up.

Rumour Mill.

Updated Survey Results.

Survey: Your Most Eagerly Awaited Game.


Amiga Nutta Editorial - 8th October '97.

Space Station Management Sim.

Vulcan Selling CD-ROM Drives.



Diversia: New Screenshots.


Amiga Nutta Editorial - 24th September '97.

Update: Aurora Works.


Update: OloFight.

EXCLUSIVE: The World Foundry.

EXCLUSIVE: Blade - New RPG Game.

Update: TFX Out Now!!

Explorer Development Page Opened.

Update: Pulsator


Amiga Nutta Editorial - 10th September '97.

Yet another Foundation Update.

Command & Conquer Roundup.

EXCLUSIVE: Total Destruction 3D.

Trauma Zero.


Amiga Nutta Editorial - 03rd September '97.

Pinball Brain Damage.

EXCLUSIVE: Hard Target Screenshots

Gloom 3 news.

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