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Aphasia is a new shoot-em-up coming our way. The game is still very early in development and is set set to be released until the beginning of 1998 at the earliest.

Aphasia Screenshot

Details on the game are quite low at them moment, however, I do have some of the features that the game boasts. It will probably contain six levels which will Aphasia Screenshot be a mix of both vertical and horizontal scrolling. A nice feature that the game will contain is the ship being able to transform into a mech, it will also change aspect depending on what weapons are being used.

The game will also have some special light and water effects, which should help to at least make it look good. 3 different languages and in-game speech will also be in there.

Like I said the game is not due for quite a while and the screenshots on this page are very WIP. Hopefully there will be a demo available sometime around Christmas time.

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