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[Updated 12/03/96]

Welcome to the XTR Hall of Fame, this was created to give players of Silltunna's excellent game Xtreme Racing the chance to compare there best laptimes with other XTR'ers. This will hopefully give racers a new challenge of trying to beat other racers times, rules and instructions on how to play can be accessed by clicking here.

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Current XTR Hall of Fame Players - A List showing the current XTR Hall of Fame Players

Latest Lap Times - The Latest Hall of Fame Laptimes

Latest League Table - The Latest League Table

Fastest laps - The fastest laps on each track

Download Laptimes file - Download the latest laptimes file

Extra XTR Tracks - Download some extra tracksfor XTR

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Hey, why not check out a new XTR home page containing XTR info and downloadable tracks created with the editor. It really is quite smart :), to check it out click Here

This page was created and is updated by David Flaherty. The Hall of Fame is updated whenever new times are received. Any Email be it comments or new laptimes should be sent to dflaherty@nutts.demon.co.uk