Well, here it is - Amiga Page and Rumor Mill 3.0! Actually, it should be 4.0 - you can see my first 3.0 idea on the Workbench page.

The Articles section is the cool part - Squid's ramblings and sometimes almost accurate information about the Amiga, Mac, Be, and the computer industry in general. Links is where you go to escape Squid's insanity. Buyout Watch is a pitiful attempt at keeping up with all the assorted earthquakes in the industry. Personalities is a brief "who's who" of the Amiga world. Workbench is Squid's ideas about what the next Amiga operating system could look like. Unsolved Mysteries is a collection of questions and anecdotes about the Amiga and its history that have never been resolved. Ideas is where Squid lists all his "cool products that ought to exist". And About Squid... well, is about Squid.

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