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ACiD Productions - Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the original ANSi Creators in Demand, the people who brought you

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Acheron, the premiere source for whats happening in the art scene is highly endorsed by us at They host a plethora of graphics tutorials, interviews, biographies, as well as current events.

btn-df2.gif (359 bytes) is a scene oriented web site which caters to all aspects of the underground. Some of their most popular sections include The Scene Archives, The Scene News and The Forum.

  btn-hrz.gif (359 bytes), the only site dedicated to the high resolution art scene. Features top ten charts, reviews, discussion bases, related news, and more.

A joint by Catbones and Tomppa1 (ACiD pack 66)


In an exclusive interview with Acheron, RaD Man reflects upon ACiD, life, his child and over a decade of scene experiences. [Read...]


In an ongoing effort to bring you the most complete collection of artpacks possible, we have initiated a Requests Page for wanted files. We estimate there are approximately ~ 100 artpacks and 'zines missing from our site produced between 1992-1995. Please take the time out to view our all files list (located under the services menu on the left hand side) and cross reference with your own personal collections.
If you are interested in contributing to this project, please click here. [More...]

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