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Welcome to the Amiga Games Preview Page. On this page you will be able to find the latest information concerning the big games that are close to release. This will include such things as features, machine requirments, Screenshots, demos and much, much more.

GameDescriptionSystem Release Date
Enigma (Centillan) A very promicing Shoot-em-up.AGATBA
Forgotten ForeverA Command & Conquer like war game.AGA, CD-ROMTBA
Flyin' HighA 3D texture mapped racing game.CD-ROM/DiskMid '97
FoundationA real-time strategy game.CD-ROMAutumn '97
StrangersAn excellent Beat-em-up.CD-ROMApril 30th
Trapped2A 3D texture mapped RPG.CD-ROMAutumn '97
Genetic SpeciesThe latest Doom clone.CD-ROMTBA

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