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Desolute is the latest addition to the ever expanding list of forthcoming games from Vulcan Software. Like all future Vulcan games it will be released on CD only, a release date has not yet been announced.

Desolute Screenshot Desolute Screenshot

The game is a platformer similar to the all-time great, Gods. However, As well as being all about killing nasties, the game will also have a heavy puzzle emement. It is also planned for it to contain certain missions that you have to complete.

Desolute Screenshot Having played an early demo of the game I am quite impressed. Although the main character seemed to move a little showly (this may have been changed), the GFX were very nice and main basis of a good game seemed to be there.

The game will require any Amiga with an 68020, 2Mb Chip RAM and 4Mb Fast RAM. A 4x speed CD-ROM will also be required.

Hopefully this will turn out to be a quality game...

More news when I get it.

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