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Arrowsing quite some interrest on several mailing lists, this release is a bit of a mystery. Alledgedly this is a demo from a new BlueByte game that they are planning to release on the amiga. The game 'Albion' has been released on the pc and a working version of the game engine is now available on aminet for the amiga. Stated as being a cross between 'DOOM' and 'Eye of the Beholder' this is a 3d adventure game. At first sight the demo doesn't look like much. After unpacking the archive you end up with a bunch of files that clearly are in the early stages of development. First of all there is the dungeon demo. A small demo in which you walk around a 3d dungeon. It all looks very basic, with no multiple layers and non animated textures, but the graphics have a certain polished look, which one sees rarelly in amiga releases lately.
The graphics look very professional indeed.

albion 1 pic albion 2

As you can see from the image above, it has that professional shine that we're used to from BlueByte. If this really is a BlueByte release, we should support them and push them to release more amiga titles.albion pix 3 The best part about the engine is the world engine. You can move around freely in a strange world, filled with objects and characters. At first glance, it doesn't seem like much. every time you move, the view pixelates and it all looks like the first alienbreed3d game. But as soon as you stop moving the screen is redrawn in high resolution and it looks great. You see small fountains, misty tree's and towers all around you. Maybe I can get some grabs in the future, but at the moment you will have to believe me. Al in all this looks like it could be a fine release, and I hope BlueByte have really returned to the amiga market. (maybe we will see settlers2 now).

Preview written my Martijn Sanders

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