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Version 2.00   Online Registration Not Yet Available
02-Jun-98 3,193K Win 95/98 Demo Expiration Unknown Install & Uninstall
40 min at 14.4K 20 min at 28.8K 4 min at ISDN 128K
Software that analyzes phone bills and helps you choose which plan and company is the most economical for specific calling habits. Product Features: Control your Long Distance calling costs. Confidence knowing you have made your best choice. Visualize your savings and manage your costs. Save money on your monthly Long Distance telephone charges. Unbiased personalized calling plan recommendations. Easy to use.
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Version 2.1   Click to Register this Product Now!
20-May-98 831K Win 95/98/NT Shareware
Expires after 15 Days Install & Uninstall
10 min at 14.4K 5 min at 28.8K 1 min at ISDN 128K
A CAPI-based ISDN application with Caller Id, Answering Machine, Fax Reception and External Program Launching capabilities. Unwanted callers may even be blocked. It stays in the system tray and pops up (if configured to) showing incoming calls. The answering machine may be setup with answering delay and max recording time. Incoming FAX's are stored as TIFF files on supporting adapters. Incoming calls may launch applications on selected numbers. You will immediately love it - after a week you will not live without it.
Published by Gunnar Woldmo ISDNCid Home Page

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Version 0.1   No Registration Required
07-May-98 112K Win 95/98 Freeware Never Expires No Install
1 min at 14.4K 1 min at 28.8K <1 min at ISDN 128K
This tiny program listen on the com port and performs a specific action when a phonecall comes in: plays a sound (wav or midi), runs a program (or opens a file) or pauses winamp. Requires the VB 5.0 Runtimes.
Published by medoc Ringer Home Page

Click Here for FREE Download CSGWorks The Company Phonelist
Version 2.0   Online Registration Not Yet Available
26-Apr-98 1,376K Win 95/98/NT Shareware
Expiration Unknown Install & Uninstall
17 min at 14.4K 9 min at 28.8K 2 min at ISDN 128K
CSGWorks "The Company Phonelist" is a handy program that allows you instant access to your phone numbers ( up to 5000 ) with a variety of sort orders and searches to quickly find any name or number you need. CSGWorks "The Company Phonelist " includes both a viewer only program and a editor/viewer program to allow centralized or individual control of phone lists. This program is available in both a personal edition for the individual user and in multiple user license packs.
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Click Here for FREE Download Phone Decoder
Version 2.01   Online Registration Not Yet Available
03-Apr-98 1,562K Win 95/98/NT Shareware
Never Expires Install & Uninstall
20 min at 14.4K 10 min at 28.8K 2 min at ISDN 128K
Have you ever got a phone bill and wondered what some of the numbers listed are? Ever wanted to know where it is you are calling? Phone Decoder can help. With a built in database of all area codes in the United Kingdom you can search for areas by their code or name. Also included are all the international dialling codes. All the codes included are up to date as of November 1997 and include the UK 01xxx change.
Published by PR Software Phone Decoder Home Page

Click Here for FREE Download QuickDial
Version 1.1   Online Registration Not Yet Available
17-Mar-98 75K Win 95/98 Shareware
Expiration Unknown No Install
1 min at 14.4K <1 min at 28.8K <1 min at ISDN 128K
This program is a virtual phonebook that runs on your computer. It allows you to dial without touching the key pad on your phone by holding the phone next to your speakers. All you need to do is hold your phone up to the speaker and you are connected to your friends and business associates.
Published by Random Solutions QuickDial Home Page

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