Shareware Registration System

Since the initial launch of back in early 1995, we've been committed to bringing shareware fans the biggest, best, and most complete collection of 32-bit shareware available on the Internet. Now, we're making our collection even more complete.

The Shareware Registration System is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to register your shareware online. The system is integrated with the shareware listings, meaning you're only one click away from fully registered versions of your favorite software.

As shareware authors make their programs available to our system, you'll see a Register Now! button in the program's listing in our shareware area. Simply click the button, and you'll then be able to enter in all the necessary information to purchase a registered copy of the program. And you can shop with confidence, because uses the latest secure server technology to protect your confidential information.

We want to make your favorite place for shareware. With one button you can download a shareware version for free, with with another button you can purchase the full version when you're ready! What could be easier?

If you're a shareware author who wants to include your software in our system, click here to request information on how you can give hundreds of thousands of users the chance to send you money.

So the next time one of your favorite programs pops up a screen trying to make you feel guilty, don't just reinstall or set back your system's clock, do the right thing and register it with's Shareware Registration System. And if your favorite shareware program doesn't have a Register Now! button in its listing, be sure to contact the shareware author and say you'd like to see the program become a part of our system. They'll be so happy you told them about us, they may even give you a free registration! Well...maybe not, but it never hurts to ask!

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