Thank you for installing Red Hat Linux 2.1!

We think you will be very pleased with the software contained on this disc. Hopefully everything is running well for you. If not, you may need some additional documentation to help you on your way to becoming a Linux Guru. Below you will find links to some of that documentation (provided you installed the ldp package):

If you require further assistance, see the Red Hat WWW site for support options. We provide installation support only with the sale of a regular CD, but we also provide a Red Hat Mailing list and a FAQ. You can get more info on both of those services at the Red Hat WWW site.

If you are looking for more Linux products and/or upgrades to Red Hat Commercial Linux, you need to see the ACC Bookstore. The can help you out with everything you could need for linux including:
Again, thanks for using Red Hat Commercial Linux. If you find it useful, tell your friends!

Links to Other Sources of Linux Information

Linux Documentation Project

NCSU's Linux User Group

This Kernel Configuration Tool is a drop in replacement for the Configure script distributed with the Linux kernels. It has lots of help text.

Some linux man pages can be viewed Here. We will hopefully have Red Hat Commercial Linux man pages available soon.

Russ Nelson's Kernel Change Summaries.