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ImageVision is an exciting multimedia authoring program which gives you the ability to create a powerful interactive multimedia presentation with ease. Finally, there is a truly easy to use multimedia program on the market with a user interface no other program can offer. With ImageVision you can make your own multimedia programs in a professional way, and you will have full control over events and an amazing overview of your work. Put backgrounds, pictures, animations, sounds and even the new compression technology for motion picture and sound, MPEG, in an interactive presentation quickly and easily.


AGA Amiga, 2Mb Chip RAM and 1Mb Fast RAM, Minimum 5Mb hard drive space and OS 3.0 or better.


ImageVision consists of three different editors, and since no users are the same, the editors are configurable :

Script Editor

Click Editor

Graphics Editor

Various icons are used to generate your presentation, select here for a description.

An accompanying CD-ROM contains :

  • Hundreds of backgrounds, symbols, MPEG-Clips, music and sounds!
  • Over 100 backgrounds to apply text and pictures on.
  • Over 300 ready-made symbols and bullets to use in your presentation.
  • Many pre-defined buttons to add to your multimedia presentaion.
  • Context sensitive Online Help available at all times.
  • Plug-In architecture for additional features.
  • Free ImageVision Runtime player for your scripts.
  • No hardware key protection.
  • Click to download a full demo version of IMAGEVISION

Price : 49.95 UKP

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