RandomE, the most powerful and configurable randomizer for Amiga.
Current version is RandomE v1.4 971028.

RandomE is a flexible CLI/Shell tool that randomly executes AmigaDOS executable lines from a List-File.

Download latest version of RandomE, v1.4 (11 KB) here.

Follow the development history of RandomE:

19971028 - version 1.4
- Minor clean up of the code.

19970912 - version 1.3
First version released to the public 8^).

RandomE, version 1.3 Copyright 1997 Bahman Moallem.
RandomE.guide v1.3 Copyright 1997 Bahman Moallem.
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

RandomE is freely distributable.
Use it at your own risk.
Unlimited non-commercial use and distribution is encouraged.

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