Ned, use a single interface to close the active window.
Current version is Ned v1.0 970926.


Ned is a handy AmigaOS commodity that allows you to close the active window by pressing the ESCAPE key.

Furthermore, it can send intuition events to the active windows or execute AmigaOS executable files on a press of the ESCAPE key.

There are a few problems that a program like Ned should be able to solve:

Once you start using Ned, you'll wonder how you ever used your computer without having access to a single interface to quit applications.

Ned gives life to the, often not used, ESCAPE key on your keyboard and allows you to use one interface to quit programs.

Download latest version of Ned, v1.0 (13 KB) here.

Follow the development history of Ned:

19970926 - version 1.0
First version released to the public 8^).

Ned, version 1.0 Copyright 1997 Bahman Moallem.
Ned.guide v1.0 Copyright 1997 Bahman Moallem.
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Ned is freely distributable.
Use it at your own risk.
Unlimited non-commercial use and distribution is encouraged.

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