httpSort, http links alpha-sorter for the Amiga.

httpSort is a CLI/Shell command that alpha-sorts lists of http links.

httpSort file


Anywhere in the system path like C:


I needed a CLI/Shell program to alphabetically sort the http links in this site's link pages and I couldn't find any available in Aminet so I wrote this small program.

httpSort sorts the input file alphabetically, line-by-line, sending the sorted results to the input file, which means that it overwrites it. httpSort disregards case.

The character column closely after the '">' string in the http line is the one at which the comparition begins.

In case of errors, httpSort warns you by using AmigaOS's "easy requesters" and exits with proper error code. These make the program suitable for use in batch files.


1> httpSort RAM:Amiga.htm

Sorts the http lines in the RAM:Amiga.htm file, arrange them alphabetically, and output them to the file RAM:Amiga.htm, thus overwriting it. The case of the words are disgarded.

The case of the words is disgarded.

httpSort is cool


Save the following AREXX script to a MACRO in CED, CygnusEditor or attach it to a hotkey to use httpSort from CED:

/* AREXX Script for using http-sort in CED */
ADDRESS 'rexx_ced'
cut block
save block to file "T:CSHP" 1
address command 'httpSort T:CSHP'
include file "T:CSHP" 1


Version 0.1 (960813) Initial beta release.

Version 1.0 (970720) First public non beta release.
This is the first non beta version of the program. This version is more than 600% faster than the last published beta version. Enjoy.

Version 1.1 (970723).
This version sorts international strings properly.


The next version will analyze a htm file and auto-sort groups of links.

Download latest version of httpSort, v1.1 (6 KB) here.


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