VWM, the Virtual Window Manager for the Amiga.
All concept, design and programming by Bahman Moallem.

VWM, the Virtual screen aware Window Manager, is a small, fast, and system friendly virtual screen aware program that gives you 100% control over windows' positions.

VWM features 2 ways of defining the new location for the target window, setting an absolute or relative position (Coordinate Positioning) or using a preset positioning technique usually related to the mouse position (Preset Positioning Techniques).

VWM can force your programs to:

Once you start using it, you wonder how you could live without it ;)

I would like to thank my beta testers Jonas Edlund, Matthew Warren, Nick Curcio and Peter Bergström.

Without them VWM would not exist.

Download latest version of VWM, v1.4 (35 KB) here.

Follow the development history of VWM:

19950107 - version 0.1
VWM was born.

[ pre-release history deleted ]

19970315 - version 1.2
First version released to the public 8^).

19970325 - version 1.4

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VWM version 1.4 Copyright © 1995-1997 Bahman Moallem.
VWM.doc version 1.4 Copyright © 1997 Bahman Moallem.
VWM.guide version 1.4 Copyright © 1997 Bahman Moallem.

FollowView(TM), known as RespectView in this program, is Copyright ® 1993-1997 Bahman Moallem and was first introduced in MagicWords, the multilingual word translator for the Amiga back in 1993.

All program names mentioned in this document are either Copyright or Trademark of their respective owner(s).

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VWM is freely distributable.
Use it at your own risk.
Unlimited non-commercial use is encouraged.

For the beta testers:

The new beta build 174 (version 1.5) is now availableNew
Access for registred beta testers only.

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