VSM, the Virtual Screen Manager for the Amiga.

VSM is a commodity that allows switching to other portions of a virtual screen by pressing a hot key combination rather than scrolling there.

VSM steps through the virtual screens one at a time, vertically or horizontally, from top left to bottom right.

This is useful if you have installed a graphic card in your Amiga and do not like the annoying delay that occurs when you switch between native Workbench and application's custom screens.

A virtual screen may be any size up to the maximum allowed for that screentype and the graphics RAM in your system. You are only able to view the visible size at any given time.

You may find it helpful to define a virtual screen size exactly an integer multiple of your visible screen size. For example:

NTSC:High Res LacedVisible Size: 660 x 414
Maximum Size: 16368 x 16384

Set your Screen Size to 1320 x 828. This gives you four separate views of the virtual screen (see the figure below), and will prevent portions of the virtual screen from being visible in multiple views.

Virtual screens and VSM

Moves are made in either a horizontal or vertical direction, as determined by the TOOLTYPE MoveDirection upon execution or changed via ARexx. The default direction is vertical.

Download latest version of VSM, v1.6 (18 KB) here.

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