SweetCommodity, hot key program launcher for Amiga.

Current version is SweetCommodity version 1.0 941703.

SweetCommodity, the hot key launcher for Amiga.

SweetCommodity is a commodity that can be used to lauch programs with, via hot keys. By defining different SC_NAME (Unique task names), you can launch multiple numbers of SweetCommodity to launch multiple numbers of programs.


SC_CMDQuit the programUser defined action string
CX_PopKeyLAlt jUser defined hotkey
SC_NAMESweetCommodityUnique task names allow launching of
multiple copies of SweetCommodity.

SweetCommodity requires AmigaOS 2.04 or better.

Download latest version of SweetCommodity, v1.0 (4 KB) here.

Follow the development history of SweetCommodity:

940703 - version 1.0
First version released to the public 8^).

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