A Shell robot that http-fetches files.

Current version is FetchURL version 1.0 951028.

FetchURL is a small robot that can fetch files from cyberspace. FetchURL uses a 16kb write-buffer and was designed to not consume much memory even when it is bringing huge data files. Furthermore, user can always abort [Ctrl-C] the transfer while it is in process.

FetchURL understands the following template:


From/A is the mandatory source object and To/K is the optional destination object.

By default, FetchURL brings the from object from a server to the local computer.

All of the following calls result in same action:

FetchURL From www.xspace.nl/mix/index.html
FetchURL From htt://www.xspace.nl/mix/index.html
FetchURL www.xspace.nl/mix/

As you can see in the above example, if the destination object is a directory, index.html is assumed as the destination target.

By default, the destination object is located in the current directory. If you want to change this, you can use the To/K argument when you call the program.

FetchURL From http://www.xspace.nl/mix/News.LHA To XDH1:News.LHA

Will fetch News.LHA from www.xspace.nl/mix/ and copy it to XDH1:News.LHA

Download latest version of FetchURL, v1.0 (5 KB) here.

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