To commemorate the end of uncertainty over the state of the Amiga and the promise for its exciting future, SoftWood is releasing a set of prepaid, long distance phone cards. These collectable phone cards can be used to call anywhere in the world at some of the lowest long distance rates possible!

Each phone card is beautifully printed and comes complete with 10 minutes* of pre-paid long distance calling time. You can add long distance call time to these cards, whenever you want, at the low rate of only .25 a minute*! Each card is the size and thickness of a credit card, and can be carried easily in a wallet or purse. Not only will you carry an item that identifies you as one of the original Amiga owners that kept the Amiga alive, but you can use these cards to make long distance calls to anywhere in the world.

The entire set of three cards is specially priced at $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping. Use your Visa or MasterCard and order your set today by calling 602-431-0949, or by leaving email to

Mintage:           1,000 of each card produced 1995
Long Distance:     LDDS / HT Technologies
Phone time:        10 minutes* prepaid
Recharge rate:     .25 a minute*
Printed by:        Brilliant Color Cards
Card Specs:        .28mil / poly core / litho back /scratch off
Price:             $19.95 for a matched 3 card set
*1 unit = 1 minute for calls within the USA, international rates may vary.

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