Windows 95/98: Shell and Desktop Tools Windows 95/98 Shell and Desktop Tools

Located on Disc 1 Except as Noted

Font Management Tools - Disc 4

Shell Enhancements
Context Menu Enhancements
MS Power Toys - Disc 3
Quick Shutdown Tools
Shell Customization Managers
Shell Command Line Tools
Start Menu Utilities
System Tray Enhancers
Toolbars and Launchers
Misc. Shell Enhancements

Desktop Management Tools
Desktop Randomizers and Changers
Desktop Window Managers
Virtual Desktop Managers
Misc. Desktop Management Tools

Desktop Cursors
Animal Cursors
Anime Cursors
Cartoon Cursors
Computer Cursors
Misc. Cursors
Movie Cursors
Music Cursors
People Cursors
Places Cursors
School Cursors
Sports Cursors
TV Cursors
Vehicle Cursors
Video Game Cursors

Desktop Icons
Icon Editing Tools
Animal Icons
Anime Icons
Cartoon Icons
Computer Icons
Holiday Icons
Misc. Icons
Movie Icons
Music Icons
People Icons
Places Icons
Religious Icons
School Icons
Sports Icons
TV Icons
Vehicle Icons
Video Game Icons

Desktop Themes
Themes Editors and Tools
Animals Themes
Anime Themes
Cartoon Themes
Computer Themes
Holiday Themes
Misc. Themes
Movie Themes
Music Themes
People Themes
Places Themes
Religious Themes
School Themes
Sports Themes
TV Themes
Vehicle Themes
Video Game Themes

Desktop Wallpaper
Wallpaper Tools
Anime Wallpaper
Cartoon Wallpaper
Computer Wallpapers
Holiday Wallpaper
Misc. Wallpaper
Movie Wallpaper
Music Wallpaper
People Wallpaper
Places Wallpaper
Religious Wallpapers
School Wallpaper
Sports Wallpaper
TV Wallpaper
Vehicle Wallpaper
Video Game Wallpaper

Startup/Shutdown Screens
Startup/Shutdown Screen Tools
Animal Screens
Anime Screens
Cartoon Screens
Computer Screens
Misc. Screens
Movie Screens
Music Screens
Places Screens
Religious Screens
School Screens
Sports Screens
TV Screens
Vehicle Screens
Video Game Screens

Screen Savers
Screen Saver Tools
Screen Saver Hotspot Tools
Animal Screen Savers
Anime Screen Savers
Cartoon Screen Savers
Computer Screen Savers
Holiday Screen Savers
Misc. Screen Savers
Movie Screen Savers
Music Screen Savers
People Screen Savers
Places Screen Savers
Religious Screen Savers
School Screen Savers
Sports Screen Savers
TV Screen Savers
Vehicle Screen Savers
Video Game Screen Savers

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