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BETA: WinZip Install/Try/Uninstall add-on for Windows 95 and NT

This is the eighth pre-release beta version of the Install/Try/Uninstall component of WinZip for Windows 95 and Windows NT. This feature, formerly only available in the Windows 3.1 version of WinZip, lets you install, try, and UNINSTALL software distributed in Zip files under Windows 95 and NT 4.0.

Beta 8a adds support for beta 5 and subsequent beta releases of WinZip 6.3. There are no functional changes from beta 7a or from beta 8.

Beta 8 adds support for Windows NT 4.0.

Beta 7a fixed two bugs (beta 7 accidentally included the old beta 6 DLL):

Since this is a beta test version, please do not re-distribute it, or post it on ftp sites or online services. There are no known bugs in this version - if you find problems, please report them by Internet email to or post a message in the "WinZip Beta" section in the GO WINZIP area on CompuServe. Please do not post beta feedback in other forums or newsgroups, else they may never be seen by the developer.

Click here to download the WinZip Uninstall Component for Windows 95 (92,672 bytes). Be sure to read the notes below before installing and using this software!


This feature requires the 32-bit version of WinZip (version 6.2 or 6.3).


This is pre-release software; use with caution. Be sure you have a good backup of your system files before running, just in case of problems.


First install the 32-bit version of WinZip. Then download and run wzun32b8.exe, the Install/Try/Uninstall distribution file. The next time you start WinZip the Install/Try/Uninstall feature will be operational (note that this feature only works on Zip files containing a SETUP or INSTALL program).

Feature Description

WinZip's unique Install/Uninstall feature makes it easy to install and uninstall software distributed in archives. This feature can save megabytes of disk space by tracking and removing all traces of an application. WinZip will run the installation program in an archive, give you a chance to try the program, and optionally offer to restore your system to its original state. The uninstall step can selectively remove files, icons, or program groups created by an install program, and can restore any altered INI files. You have complete control over the uninstall process, and no changes are made without approval.

Note: the Install feature is only available if an archive contains an "install" or "setup" program. If the Install button is not displayed, use the CheckOut Feature to try the software in the archive.

To use the Install/Uninstall feature

If you choose to uninstall, WinZip will display the Uninstall dialog box which will let you select whether to



For more information please see the online help topics titled

Comments are welcome. Please be sure to post them in the "WinZip Beta" section of the GO WINZIP area on CompuServe (S22) or send them by email to It is usually helpful to mention which version of you are using (this is version beta 8a), which operating system you are using, and, if you encounter a problem, the complete text of any error messages.

Please do not post beta feedback in other forums or newsgroups, else they may never be seen by the developer.

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