Dialup Networking Dialers - Disc 4

Automated RAS Connection Manager - Version 1.000 

Published by SCA Software International S.A.  Platform Win 98/NT 
Automated RAS Connection Manager (203 KBytes)

Will allow you to perform manual or automatic (according to time schedule) dial/hangup. Keeps complete history in asciifile. Summary of successful connections (total time online, longest time online, total bytes rx/tx etc). Performance data. Extended RAS error and connection process information. Can be extended with user defined DLL. Can be controled with supplied control DLL (start,quit,dial,hagup,info functions). Sample with full source code in Visual C++.


Connect - Version 1.3 

Published by HiBeck Software  Platform Win 95/98 
Connect (228 KBytes)

Makes Dial-up Networking faster, easier, and more functional. You can easily switch between existing connections, edit their properties, or create a new connection. And getting connected is faster and easier with auto dialing support, and auto re-dial for busy signals. You can also "hear" when a connection is made. Connect can also save/import Dial-up connections to/from a file. And youcan also now schedule Connect to dial on specific time and days.


Dial-Up Networking Extra - Version 2.04 

Published by Brendan Arthurs  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
Dial-Up Networking Extra (1913 KBytes)

Allows you to connect to your ISP, go about your ordinary business online, but automatically disconnects you after a specified time/number of phone units. It can be customized to limit the amount of time allowed, the length of one unit and the price per unit. Logs your time spent online and calculates the cost for you.


Dial-Up Networking Sharer - Version 2.0 

Published by Ethereal Innovations  Platform Win 95/98 
Dial-Up Networking Sharer (177 KBytes)

Are you tired of having to set up the same connectionsevery time you move to a different pc? Do you wish you could simply distribute a connection to someone - and it would be set up correctly and connect automatically by simply double-clicking? Do you wish your dial-up connections could be share accross a network. How about storing dial-up profiles for quick use later? This is the quickest, simples and most reliable way of creating, distributing, and importing dial-up networking connections curr


DigitalWeb Ras+ Dialer 98 - Version 1.1 

Published by Rogerio Silva  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
DigitalWeb Ras+ Dialer 98 (1968 KBytes)

The next generation dial-up networking. Automatic redialing, billing, multiple-provider dialing. Auto-launch 5 programs before/after connection, play sound before/after connection. Other features include task/connection scheduling, Ras+ Dialer Plug-Ins.


DirectNet - Version 1.2 

Published by Firas El-Hasan  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
DirectNet (14 KBytes)

Allows you to quickly connect to the Internet and launch your selected Web browser.


DNTools - Version 1.2 

Published by Brent Seeley  Platform Win 95/98 
DNTools (664 KBytes)

A collection of tools used with Windows 95 and 98s Dial-up Networking connection. It provides access to Dial-up Networking optimization parameters, connection options, and statistics. It also contains a network time client for setting your computers clock using the atomic clock in boulder CO, or your ISPs time server. The Optimization section helps you tune your Network connection for optimum performance, increasing web page throughput up to 200%. The statistics section contains a graph of curre


DUN Manager - Version 1.0e 

Published by Magenta Systems Ltd  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
DUN Manager (742 KBytes)

A Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 application designed to simplify and enhance Dial Up Networking and Remote Access Services. Features include single click connection start-up and hang-up, a flashing icon while online, automatic disconnection options to avoid remaining online by accident (including playing sounds), detailed connection activity logs for problem finding, session cost logs to determine telephonespending, keep alive, re-establish lost connection, PC clock setting, program launching, a per


Dun Tray - Version 1.1b 

Published by JaboSoft  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
Dun Tray (119 KBytes)

An all-in-one dial up networking utility. Dun Tray automatically dials a connection of your choice with a simple double-click.Options dialog renames, edits, deletes, and adds dial up connections on your computer. Not to mention an automatic redial feature perfect for those who have service providers with busy lines.


Forever Connected - Version 2.2 

Published by RC Software  Platform Win 95 
Forever Connected (20 KBytes)

Connect, Reconnect & Redial, and Disconnect from the Net easily, quickly, and even automatically. Forever Connected is the ultimate MS Dial-Up Networking enhancement. With it you can: Dial the net with just one click, redial and reconnect without any user interaction, and then disconnect from the Net with one more click. And since the Forever Connected icon stays in the tray whether you are connected or not, starting and stopping the internet is always quick & painless. FC offers all this and mo


ISP Dialer - Version 2.00 

Published by Pipeline Software  Platform Win 95/98 
ISP Dialer (588 KBytes)

Extends the capabilities of Dial-Up Connections allowing for multiple phone numbers, sounds and automatic lauching of applications. It turns the process of connecting your machine to the internet into a one step process all wrapped up in a friendly, easy to use user interface.


ISPSwitcher - Version 1.15 

Published by GRV Consulting  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
ISPSwitcher (927 KBytes)

Don't let the name fool you. ISPSwitcher doesn't just allow you to set profiles for your email,news and proxies for multiple internet dialup connections. It can backup your email and proxy settings AS WELL AS your actual dialup networking entry. It also keeps your passwords saved - no more problems with the grey 'Save Password' box! A terrific tool for anyone who has dialup internet access. ISPSwitcher also allows you to switch between a LAN and dialup configuration. The current version works wi


QuickDialer - Version 2.2.1b 

Published by Alexander Ponomarenko  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
QuickDialer (196 KBytes)

Will simplify connecting to the Internet and make this process easier and faster. When the program is loaded, only one mouse-click are required to establish a connection. If any application requires a connection, Quick Dialer will be loaded automatically and will dial the selected connection. If your ISP has several phone lines and all lines are engaged, Quick Dialer will continue to dial until a connection is established and notify you by playing a user-selected sound. If the connection is lost


QuickIP - Version 4.12 

Published by Giulio Caldani  Platform Win 95 
QuickIP (774 KBytes)

This is a useful program to show your IP address as soon as possible into the Taskbar Notification Area. An animated icon shows you when the connection is active. User configurable alarm. Log File to trace connections. Quickly dial a RAS connection. You can choose the double-click action to make connections and disconnections. NEW: Cyclic RAS connections.


RascalPro - Version 1.6 

Published by Basta Computing  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
RascalPro (379 KBytes)

Enhances your dial-up session management and keeps your connection alive by simulating network activity and restoring the connection if it is lost. Other features include session scheduling, batch processing, time and cost tracking, and a log file. For a simpler feature set, check out our Rascalapplication.


RasDial95 - Version 1.1 

Published by Claudio Fahey  Platform Win 95/NT 
RasDial95 (13 KBytes)

A command-line remote access (dial-up networking) dialer for Windows 95. It's based on the RASDIAL command on Windows NT and the usage is very similar. RASDIAL95 will allow you to dial and hangup a remote access phone entry.


RasInTas - Version 1.08 

Published by Pilif  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
RasInTas (819 KBytes)

A dialup-dialer which places itself in the TNA of Windows95/98/NT. You can connect to your ISP over a PopUp-Menu. The program includes some interesting features like MultiDial, a Bugfix for the Win95-Bug that you cannot save your password, Keep-Alive and a Programstartlist.


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