Application Addins - Disc 5

Cassette Box Templete for CorelDraw! - Version 1.0 

Published by Clayton Rocha Fermino  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
Cassette Box Templete for CorelDraw! (3 KBytes)

Record your favorite songs on cassette tape, then use this CorelDraw template do put the song names and print it. No size problem, no printer problem.


CD Jewel Case Template for Corel Draw 7.0 - Version 1.0 

Published by John Panicci  Platform Win 95 
CD Jewel Case Template for Corel Draw 7.0 (3 KBytes)

A simple corel draw template to print CD Jewel case inserts for the front and back, including the edge lables. This template is scaled to print the EXACT size when printing out on virtually any printer. Works with Draw 7.0 only!


CD Jewel Case Template for Pagemaker 6.5x - Version 1.0 

Published by Steve Watson  Platform Win 95/98 
CD Jewel Case Template for Pagemaker 6.5x (4 KBytes)

A Pagemaker 6.5x template that allows you to design and print a nice looking label for your CDROM Jewel Cases.


ClipCheck - Version 1.0 

Published by Most Media and BabyFace Software Inc.  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
ClipCheck (1112 KBytes)

A shareware utility that adds spell-checking functionality to applications that do not have it already built-in. ClipCheck works by spell-checking the contents of the Windows clipboard. Simply copy to the clipboard any textual material you wish to spell-check, and ClipCheck does the rest.


IDP Companion - Version 0.30 

Published by Tyler Chambers  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
IDP Companion (1182 KBytes)

A simple translation dictionary for English to/from other langugaes. Dictionaries come from the Internet Dictionary Project, and can be easily updated when the IDP dictionaries are, or you can add your own words by editing the dictionary files yourself. Version 0.20 comes with Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin, and Portuguese dictionaries (of varying sizes).


InvoMailer for InvoWiz 95 - Version 1.01 

Published by Applied Analytic Systems Soho Software Group  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
InvoMailer for InvoWiz 95 (396 KBytes)

An internet e-mail program which can be used with our popular invoicing program, InvoWiz 95. Since the Internet is the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way to transfer data, using InvoWiz and InvoMailer together enables you to have an invoice on your client's desktop in seconds. InvoMailer allows you to search and view any invoicepreviously saved by InvoWiz. Instead of printing and snail-mailing an invoice, instead of faxing an invoice to be lost or viewed by unauthorized individuals, you c


Qif 2 Iif Converter - Version 2.0B 

Published by Object Components Corporation  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
Qif 2 Iif Converter (778 KBytes)

Brings the convenience of automatically converting from Quicken file format(.qif) to Quickbooks file format(.iif) of your export files. Currently, it only supports credit card transactions. It may in the future, support other transaction types. Most recent changes include: improved user interface, online help, bug fixes.


Remote Control for Winamp - Version 1.16 

Published by Andrew Arnaoutovitch  Platform Win 95/98 
Remote Control for Winamp (531 KBytes)

Remote Control for Winamp allows owners of AverMedia TV-Phone card to use AverTV remote control for Winamp media player.


SpiceLink for Visio - Version 1.0 

Published by Avista Design Systems  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
SpiceLink for Visio (2418 KBytes)

A Visio stencil that provides circuit design inside Visio. While you create a top-quality circuit schematic, SpiceLink automatically displays voltages, currents, etc. on the schematic. SpiceLink will generate a SPICE netlist for yourcircuit. Requires Visio 5.0.


Usertype Maintenance Add-In for MS Visual Studio 9 - Version 1.01 

Published by Daniel Schloesser  Platform Win 95/98/NT 
Usertype Maintenance Add-In for MS Visual Studio 9 (44 KBytes)

A little Add-In for Microsoft Visual Studio 97 that lets you easily maintain the user defined keywords that are stored in your usertype.dat file. It offers the possibility to quickly add new keywords just by selecting in the editor, checks for redundant entries and lets you interactively delete and edit every keyword already stored.


VIMAS JPEG plug-in for Adobe Photoshop - Version 1.0 

Published by VIMAS Technologies  Platform Win 95 
VIMAS JPEG plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (422 KBytes)

VIMAS JPEG Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop 4.0 allowsPhotoshop users to compress images as JPEGs at compression levels superior to those generated by standard JPEG compression generators. Users may preview the compression results, as well as the actual image before saving the file. Thumbnails are generated automatically foreasier management of your image library.


WinAMP Skin Wizard - Version 1.0 

Published by Alexander Futasz  Platform Win 95/98 
WinAMP Skin Wizard (282 KBytes)

The best tool to ease up the creation of WinAMP Skins. This tool will allow you to save extracted elements directly into the real skinbitmaps. A extra bonus is the 'Viscolor Utility' for creating the 'viscolor.txt'.


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