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All the new Communications files since the Vol.7, Num.1 CD-ROM
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Windows Communications Internet Search Tools

IDKSM Search Engine 1.3 by Miracle Concepts, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $?
is a full text search engine designed to work with HTML files and ASCII text files. It is also possible to essentially index any type of file you wish, including graphic, video, audio, and just about any kind of file you can think of.
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iCrossReader 1.38 by InsightSoft-M. Reg.Fee: $?
is a powerful intelligent search and Text Mining tool. It extracts relevant information from texts, automatically creates and processes a series of new queries, and assembles a new text, which is able to refocus the user's attention on the new aspects of a given theme. Specific features include: open-ended search, semantic knowledge retrieval, and dynamic data reconfiguration in accordance with a user's interests.
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Abe's MP3 Finder 3.1 by Abe's Software. Reg.Fee: $0
helps you to find MP3 music files on the Internet. This helps you avoid many of the broken links, and is a great timesaver.
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Ferret32 3.19 by Software By Choice. Reg.Fee: $25
is a powerful third-generation organizer and Find Text Program that is useful for searching for web link in HTM and bookmark files, and for searching data, records, or sentences in files. As a productivity tool, it quickly builds a list from search results. Requires Win9x.
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java web authoring tools

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