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All the new Communications files since the Vol.7, Num.1 CD-ROM
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Windows Communications Internet File Transfer

1st Choice FTPPro2000 6.8 by Sabine Consulting. Reg.Fee: $95
allows you to transfer files to and from FTP sites using an Explorer-like interface. Features include drag-and drop support, the ability to copy entire folders, and background processing.
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KISSfp 2.1 by alpha ware. Reg.Fee: $15-$50
facilitates FTP uploading of FrontPage-based Web sites to Hosts without MSServer Extensions. It saves space on your webhost and reduces download time for your visitors with HTML Compression specifically tailored to MS FrontPage. Great for publishing on CD-ROMs and using FrontPage with AOL/GeoCities etc, because they usually don't have Server Extensions.
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WebDrive 2.1 by RiverFront Software. Reg.Fee: $39.95
allows you to connect to an FTP site via a LAN or the Internet, and map a Network drive to it. This allows you to treat an FTP site like an ordinary DOS drive. You can copy files to or from the FTP site using the Windows explorer or by using familiar DOS commands like copy, and xcopy.
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TransSoft's FTP Control 3.11 by TransSoft Ltd.. Reg.Fee: $10-$49
is a powerful FTP client for Win95/NT. Features include a scheduling wizard that will let you easily schedule uploads and downloads, and a Windows Explorer-like interface that will let you drag and drop files as well as rename them both on your machine and on an FTP server. It can also resume aborted file transfers, provided that the server you're downloading from supports it.
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FtpVC 1.3 by PrestoSoft. Reg.Fee: $25
allows joint software development using Internet FTP connections. This permits developers to get, check out, check in, and undo files on a remote server, that are part of a software project. It also allows to compare files on the server to their local versions showing results in a two-pane window. Requires Win95/98/NT.
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Download Master 2.0 by Ashok Dhamija. Reg.Fee: $29
allows for simultaneous downloads of several files from the Internet. Features include background operation, a detailed help file, drag and drop support, and much more. Requires Win95/98/NT.
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SendTo FTP 1.2 by Peili Chen. Reg.Fee: $0
is an extremely easy-to-use file transfer program for sending files from your local PC to a remote host. You simply select the files you want to send in Windows Explorer or My Computer, click the right mouse button, and choose SendTo FTP in the Send To submenu. Requires Win95/98/NT.
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