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All the new Communications files since the Vol.7, Num.1 CD-ROM
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Windows Communications Communications Software Compuserve

FinCIS 1.3 by AKG Software. Reg.Fee: $15
gives you the ability to locate a Compuserve access phone number almost anywhere in the world, across 30 networks, and connect in as few as three clicks.
Get program's ZIP file (comm\win\cmpusrv\ from the CD-ROM.

ForKeeps (32-bit) 3.93 by Ragnar Hellspong. Reg.Fee: $34-$64
allows you to track and store downloaded CompuServe messages in Win95.
Get program's ZIP file (comm\win\cmpusrv\ from the CD-ROM.

FindCSi99 1.92 by Mid Atlantic Software Systems. Reg.Fee: $29
automates and significantly eases the laptop user's task of connecting to CompuServe while traveling. You simply select a country or state, then select a city, and you are connected with only three clicks of your mouse. Requires Win95/98/NT.
Get program's ZIP file (comm\win\cmpusrv\ from the CD-ROM.

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