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Windows Business

New Programs For The Month

Charm 1.2 by Lithic Software Corporation. Reg.Fee: $30
is a general purpose estimating and bid preparation software package. The program separates costs into labor, materials, equipment, and subcontracts. The margin on each category can be set indepently, and the tax rate can be set to the rate in your locale.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\BUSINESS\ from the CD-ROM.

3S Accounting 1.6 by Clarisys Inc.. Reg.Fee: $0
is a fully integrated accounting package designed for the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) market. Includes a general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and a powerful invoice/order entry system. It ca export reports directly to MSOffice 97 and Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 & 8.
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Tank Management Tracker by None of the Above Solutions. Reg.Fee: $99
Tank Management Tracker was designed to assist with the inventory and management of tanks with varying tank construction features, pipe construction features, leak detection methods, and spill compliance issues regarding fuel and chemical bulk storage and distribution systems. Spill documentation and Point of Contact (POC) Journal logs are also easily managed through the built-in association of Spill events with container resources (Tanks or other Spill Prevention Structures).
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\BUSINESS\ from the CD-ROM.

Ablemind 1.0 by Watershed Liveware. Reg.Fee: $7.95
is a streaming idea generator that deals cards with ideas for products and information on your desktop. Over 87,000,000 phrases will provoke, energize, amuse, and inspire your thinking. You can leave it running all day for a creative spark whenever you need it. It is also a great icebreaker for brainstorming sessions at the office. Requires Win9x.
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Wanted Jobs 98 1.15 by Wanted Technologies. Reg.Fee: $0
is an innovative career management tool that takes the time, effort and complexity out of job searching on the Internet. It simultaneously queries the most reputable employment sites on the Web and gives job hunters access to over two million jobs throughout North America. No more jumping from one job site to another, painstakingly performing search after search.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\BUSINESS\ from the CD-ROM.

Archive Power SB 1.3 by Archive Power Systems Inc.. Reg.Fee: $89.95
is a powerful document management system for Win95/98/NT. Features include an easy-to-use intuitive interface modeled on real-world filing systems, the ability to organize/manage/archive electronic and paper documents together, automatic cross referencing, and much more.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\BUSINESS\ from the CD-ROM.

Appointment Book 3.0 by ITech SoftWare. Reg.Fee: $69
provides a versatile appointment system for up to 16 individuals. Appointment lengths can range from 10 to 240 minutes. You can print appointment lists for individuals, and a page template is provided for detailed scheduling of each day of the week. Requires Win95/98/NT.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\BUSINESS\ from the CD-ROM.

Task Master 6.0 by Cole Technology, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $8
is a tray application designed to help keep track of daily activities. Instead of keeping notes in a journal or building a collection of sticky notes on things you have done or need to remember, enter these items to Task Master. Your notes are saved to a word compliant .RTF file and may be imported to most word processing programs.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\BUSINESS\ from the CD-ROM.

Proj Clock 3.00 by CyberMatrix Corp.. Reg.Fee: $25
is a stand-alone project time tracking tool. It can be useful to anyone who must charge time to different projects.
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Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

Referral Mate 1.0 by Matador Software. Reg.Fee: $59
helps businesses organize their avertising expenditures. By following a 3 question step-by-step process, it will show you where each call found your business. In the end, it will show you which advertisements are working and which aren't. Requires Win95/98/NT.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\BUSINESS\ from the CD-ROM.

RedBox Organizer 2.3 by inKline Global, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $40
is an all-in-one personal information package with a calendar, To-Do list, anniversary list, business plan scheduler, a contact manager, sticky notes, report generator, alarm reminder, message notification and more. Requires Win95/NT.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\BUSINESS\ from the CD-ROM.

Visual Day Planner 6.2 by Bok Nan Lo. Reg.Fee: $29.95
is a customizable calendar program for Windows 95/98/NT that provides scheduling, events, memos and appointments. Other features include WYSIWYG printing capabilities, MIDI and WAV alarm support, drag and drop support, and much more.
Get program's ZIP file (WIN\BUSINESS\ from the CD-ROM.

Electronic Assistant Lite 3.0 by Dante Productions. Reg.Fee: $0
is a freeware information manager for Win95/98/NT. The information is managed in six modules. These modules include Organizer, Journal, Collections, Schedule and ToDo.
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