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3D Ball of Defiance
is a action/puzzle game set in a time where knights, demons, and gargoyles exist.
You must destroy your foes by crushing or smashing them with the 3d Ball of Defiance. Depending on where you hit your foe you will see a different death scene. Watch out for spikes and other dangers. The amount of gore can be minimized or eliminated from play.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\GAMES\3DBOD.ZIP]

lets you view samples of all your installed fonts in Windows.
It can show a list of fonts with each font rendered in its own typeface. Other features include the ability to define a sample text string, printing options, and the ability to check off attributes you'd like to display (such as bold, italic, underline, and strikeout). Requires Win95/98/NT.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\FONTS\AKFV30.ZIP]

Balance 95
is a checkbook balancing and analysis package for Win95/98/NT that includes graphing, auditing, and reminders.
Entries are added using a dialog box which has several features to speed entry. Your account information can be sorted several ways and a purge function is included to make reducing file size easy. A toolbar contains buttons for common tasks.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\HOME\BAL95.ZIP]

allows you to easily create stylish buttons for your web pages.
It includes dozens of button styles, each with an attractive background color or texture. You can enter up to 3 lines of text in any font size, style, alignment, or color. A preview is available at every step. When your button is complete you can save it as a PNG, BMP, TIF, JPG, PCX, or TGA, or you can copy it to the clipboard for easy pasting into your favorite graphics program.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\COMMUNIC\BUTTON55.ZIP]

turns your Win95/98/NT desktop into a unique virtual "bulletin board".
You can easily attach sticky notes, "to do" lists, clocks, calendars, animations, and more. This is completely customizable, with an endless variety of graphics and themes. Can be installed as a screen saver.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_SYSTM\CRKBRD.ZIP]

diskSpace Explorer
a space manager that features an intuitive pie chart that graphically displays the contents of your folders.
You can easily navigate through your files and folders just by clicking anywhere on the pie chart. It reports detailed information about the amount of space used and wasted by your files and folders. You may also see how your drive would look with another cluster size or file system, a feature that can help you make intelligent allocation decisions. Requires Win95/98/NT.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_SYSTM\DSKSPC20.ZIP]

The Galaxy of SF
provides a synopsis of science fiction films, TV shows, and books.
This is a fun and comprehensive collection.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\ELEC_PUB\GALAXY.ZIP]

Password Storage Machine
helps you keep track of all your different passwords.
Each entry can have a title, user/login name, password, and freeform comments. This can be a great timesaver if you have a large number of passwords.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_DSKFI\PASSSTOR.ZIP]

helps you find the perfect color combinations for your website quickly and easily.
Providing hexadecimal and decimal values for each color, it sets the two background colors and text color at your command. You can fine tune your choices with sliders for each color value.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\COMMUNIC\RGB12.ZIP]

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor
is designed to teach the skill of touch typing in an accessible step-by-step manner.
Features include: an introductory quiz to customize the package to your requirements, full and correct support for the Qwerty and the Dvorak keyboard layouts, comprehensive "live" feedback and regular reports on your progress, extra practice options, a personalized certificate upon completion of the course, and more. Requires Win95/98/NT.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\EDUCA\TTTT21PC.ZIP]

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