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New Programs For The Month

Balance 95 2.1 by Lithic Software Corporation. Reg.Fee: $20
is a checkbook balancing and analysis package for Win95/98/NT that includes graphing, auditing, and reminders. Entries are added using a dialog box which has several features to speed entry. Your account information can be sorted several ways and a purge function is included to make reducing file size easy. A toolbar contains buttons for common tasks.
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SmartBroker Pro 2.5 by SmartBroker. Reg.Fee: $295
is a stock market analysis package. It identifies stock opportunities by defining market trends, and announcing which stocks are about to fall, and which are about to rise before they move. Manages Quote Downloading, Price and Volume Trend Analysis, Automatic News Downloading, Sell Recommendations, and can track and report on over 30,000 stocks. Requires Win95/98/NT.
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Personal Stock Monitor 3.0 by DTLink Softw@re. Reg.Fee: $30-$50
is a powerful on-line investment tool for Win9x that allows you to quickly get the latest stock, fund, option, or index prices. You can check the latest news on your investments, or figure out how much they are currently worth. It can be configured to notify you when a stock in your portfolio goes up by a percentage you set.
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APR Spread Calculator 1.0.00 by Wheatworks Software. Reg.Fee: $19.95
uses the Actuarial Method of calculating Annual Percentage Rates for mortgage loans. In addition to the basic APR calculation, this also provides a spreadsheet-like grid of APRs by loan amounts and fixed fee amounts. The loan amount and fixed fee amount axes are "spread" incrementally based upon user-modifiable ranges.
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Book Organizer Deluxe 1.00 by PrimaSoft PC, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $65
helps you organize your book collections. Features include flexible data search/replace, powerful sorting facilities, table/ browser viewers, report/label wizards, HTML generator wizard, scanner support, and much more. Requires Win9x.
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AlertMe 1.7 by APR Weather. Reg.Fee: $20
alerts you of the latest warnings and advisories posted by the National Weather Service on the Internet. You are able to choose from 15 types of warnings and advisories. Once AlertMe finds an active warning or advisory, it displays a visual alarm. A window pops up over whatever you are doing and tells you that there has been a certain warning or advisory issued. Requires the VB5 runtimes.
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My Wedding Companion (32-bit) 4.0 by Five Star Software. Reg.Fee: $39.95
is a comprehensive wedding planner for Win95/98/NT that deals with all the details related with your ceremony, reception, budget, guests, wedding attire, invitations, photographer, florist, wedding music, gift registry, honeymoon, and much more.
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AirNav (32-bit) 3.0 by Andre Brandao. Reg.Fee: $70-$85
makes it easier to track aircraft flying in any part of the Globe. Once aircraft data is inserted via Terminal Mode or Flight Management Mode the program will calculate with high precision and display an aircraft label instantaneously on the globe position where it is. This is not a simulation, but it real world navigation for the aviation enthusiast.
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Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

Monthly Bill Manager 98 3.05 by MJK Software Writers. Reg.Fee: $39
lets you track and budget your bills, credit cards, loans, and savings account and checkbook information on a monthly basis. You can add your own register groups to track any incoming and outgoing funds. It will show the full status of where and how your money is being spent and how much over budget or under budget you are for any given bill.
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Lender's ToolBox for Windows (32-bit) 5.0 by Everett G. Collins. Reg.Fee: $45
provides a suite of tools for both lenders and borrowers. It includes a loan calculator that allows extensive "what-if" scenarios. You can amortize with normal P&I or fixed principal payments on a bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis using 30 day months or exact days between payment dates.
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Diabetic Meter Utility 4.6 by Michael Patterson. Reg.Fee: $0
downloads and formats blood glucose data from One Touch II and Profile blood glucose meters.
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FishByte 3.8 by Heuristic Research. Reg.Fee: $20
is a fishing and Loran log program for salt water anglers. The Fishing Log lets you record and search on date, location and species, as well as noting tides, winds, bait type, size, number caught and more. In addition to the Loran log, the program lets you keep track of moon phases, personal best, and techniques.
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