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New Programs For The Month

3D Ball of Defiance 2.0 by 8th Wonder Software Designs. Reg.Fee: $15
is a action/puzzle game set in a time where knights, demons, and gargoyles exist. You must destroy your foes by crushing or smashing them with the 3d Ball of Defiance. Depending on where you hit your foe you will see a different death scene. Watch out for spikes and other dangers. The amount of gore can be minimized or eliminated from play.
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Gravity Wars Network Edition 0.35 by PowerCow Software. Reg.Fee: $0
your task is to destroy your opponent by firing missiles in a turn-based system. Once a missile is fired, its course is influenced by planets and blackholes that are on the map. In order to destroy your opponent, you will have to learn how to use planets and even black holes to your advantage. Requires Win95/98/NT.
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Laser Blocks 2 1.00 by NiceTime Entertainment. Reg.Fee: $14.95
is a falling block game for Win9x. The game features an endless supply of blocks with pipes embedded in them. When you connect a pipe across three segments, they will disappear.
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Close Approach 1.1 by Abstract Worlds Ltd.. Reg.Fee: $8
in the year 2100 , religious extremists are plotting to divert asteroids into the path of the Earth. You must pilot your ship and two probes in true 3D space and blast the asteroids out of existence before they collide with the Earth. Requires a Pentium class PC, DirectX and Win95/95/NT.
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Diamond Scheduler (32-bit) 2.44 by John R. Hall. Reg.Fee: $50
allows you to create season schedules for sports leagues. You can define the Division/Level, Teams/Players/, and Fields/Courts and automatically create a schedule based either on sport-specific or generat pairings.
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Pare A Pair 4.2 by SoftWhiteWares. Reg.Fee: $10
is a matching game for young children. Player can match letters, numbers, patterns, pictures, or music. Other features include three levels of play, user-determined speed, optional sound clues, and more. Requires Win95/98/NT.
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MindWorks by DuckDog Media. Reg.Fee: $?
is a pattern-guessing game where the object is to decipher the correct sequence of 4 randomly selected balls. You have 10 guesses to decode the correct sequence, and you cannot use the same colored ball more than once per guess. After each guess you will be shown exactly how many colored balls were correct, and how many were in the correct sequence. Requires Win9x.
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FlowerBed (32-bit) 4.1 by Undis Software. Reg.Fee: $3
is a difficult but fun game of solitaire for Window 95/98/NT.
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Jump Shot Basketball 2.1 by Shot Sports Software. Reg.Fee: $15
allows you to simulate any basketball season, past, present and future. Choose, create and edit your players and teams. Draft your dream team, trade away your nightmare and see if your squad comes out on top. Requires Win95/98/NT.
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Conflict at Sea 1.01 by DuckDog Media. Reg.Fee: $?
is based on the game BattleShip, where the object of the game is to try and sink all of the computer's ships before the computer sinks your ships. You, and the computer, are given one shot for each remaining ship that you control per turn, which means that multiple shots can be fired each turn. Your shots, and the computer's, are then resolved simultaneously to determine the hits and misses. This adds a realistic twist, in which it is possible for both you and your enemy to totally destroy each other's fleets. Requires Win9x, a Pentium class processor, 10 MB hard disk space, and SVGA graphic capable of displaying at least 16-bit High Color.
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Tracker Word Search by Tracker Software. Reg.Fee: $10
allows you to enjoy your favorite word search puzzles in computer format. Five puzzles of varying themes are included. This is not a word search generating program.
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Updates To Programs On Past CD-ROMs

SmartBridge 3.0 by Francesco Barcio. Reg.Fee: $25
is the game of bridge for Windows that helps you easily learn the game. Bidding is based on a natural system, including openings, overcalls, preempt bids, takeout and penalty doubles, cue bids, and other useful conventions. Hands can be edited, modified, printed, and saved/loaded. Online hints and a strong Help file lead you to the contract.
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StatTrak for Baseball 5.02 by ALL-PRO Software Inc.. Reg.Fee: $40
is a baseball/softball statistics management system for Windows. It allows you to keep records for up to 100 teams per directory, and tracks batting, pitching, fielding, team record, game results, box scores, and team standings. This version only allows you to add three games per team.
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Moraff's Fancy Jiggler 2.0 by MoraffWare. Reg.Fee: $?
is a fancy-cut jigsaw puzzle game for Win95 with European photography, unusual pieces, beautiful backdrops, and a classical music soundtrack.
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Moraff's MoreJongg (32-bit) 7.00 by MoraffWare. Reg.Fee: $29
is a 32-bit implementation of the ancient oriental tile game. Features include traditional and 288-tile layouts, the ability to use your own images on tiles, save/recall game options, and more. Requires 386+, VGA, and 4MB RAM.
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Challenge Pool for Windows 5.1 by Zheng Lee. Reg.Fee: $19.99
is a realistic simulation of the game of 9-ball. You can fully control the cue stick by mouse or keyboard action, and regulate the striking cue ball activity with four different cue ball hits. The striking force is easily determined by a strength level indicator. The excellent graphics and sound effects add to the overall fun of this game.
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Jurassic Challenge 2.02 by Cascoly Software. Reg.Fee: $20
is a dinosaur database and trivia game for Win95/NT. Hundreds of dinosaurs are available, many with full color images by professional artists. Billions of different questions are possible.
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