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All the new Education files since the Vol.6, Num.12 CD-ROM
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Windows Education Social Studies

U.S. States and Capitols Plus 1.0 by Mike Hammers. Reg.Fee: $15.50
is an excellent geography tutor and testing package. This demo only allows testing on ten of the fifty states.
Get program's ZIP file (educa\win\soc_stdy\ from the CD-ROM.

Map Tutor by Niek's Software Design. Reg.Fee: $6
is a colorful, graphic, visual aid in teaching the locations of the 50 states and their capitols in a game format. The map is accompanied by music, and there are different levels to the "game".
Get program's ZIP file (educa\win\soc_stdy\ from the CD-ROM.

Global Challenge Geography 1.03 by Cascoly Software. Reg.Fee: $20
is a combination geography quiz and trivia game for Win95 that tests your knowledge of geographical facts for 250 countries, in 12 categories. A unique system lets you decide how difficult to make the game, so you will probably never see two identical questions. The game also adjusts to become tougher the more you play.
Get program's ZIP file (educa\win\soc_stdy\ from the CD-ROM.

Science Study/Testing

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