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Windows Education Science

Astro-Mania 1.5 by Sheppard Software. Reg.Fee: $15-$20
is an educational game about the Universe. It has eight levels and lets you choose what subject area you want to cover. Its great pictures and ease of use makes it not only educational but also fun.
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SatSpy for Windows 3.0 by Acappella Publishing. Reg.Fee: $39.95
is a satellite viewing package for Win95/98/NT that allows you to do your own pass predictions. Other features include real-time animation displays, customizable display colors and measurement units, a multiple satellite display, and much more.
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Starry Night Basic 2.1.2 by Sienna Software, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $34
shows you the stars from your own backyard or anywhere on the Earth. You can also blast off to see the stars from space. Learn the constellations. The magnify function lets you zoom in on the planets and stars. Everyone from casual stargazers to amateur astronomers will find it useful. Reqiures QuickTime 3.0+ and Win95/98/NT.
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Astronomia 1.5 by Piotr Czerski. Reg.Fee: $25
is a planetarium package for Win95 that offers highly realistic views of the entire sky from any place on Earth. It has an easy-to-use interface that helps for intuitive and fast navigating within the program and searching for celestial bodies. Extensive information about objects is available with a single mouse click.
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Sky Quiz 1.00 by Swimming Elk Software. Reg.Fee: $29
helps you become familiar with the local night sky by consulting a real-time star projection. It will teach you in the most effective way possible the names of the stars and constellations as they appear from your own back yard on any night of the year. No typing is involved, as questions are answered by mouse-clicks or from drop-down lists.
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MyStars! (32-bit) 2.6 by Relative Data Products. Reg.Fee: $20
is an astronomy/planetarium package for Win95/NT. It allows you to view the stars, planets, and Messier objects to scale as seen from any place on earth at any date or time.
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Stella 2000 3.0 by Swimming Elk Software. Reg.Fee: $45-$49
is a powerful astronomy package for Win95 that allows users to examine realistic skies in real time. Other features include an observing log, live ephemeris, a location browser, and a sophisticated search embracing planets, comets, DSOs, and over 9000 stars.
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Atoms, Bonding and Structure 1.0 by Ray Le Couteur Educational. Reg.Fee: $25
is a unique interactive multimedia Chemistry tutor for Windows which tests students as they learn. It teaches about elements, compounds, mixtures, atomic structure, ionic and covalent bonding, bond energies and much more. As far as possible, skills are taught through familiar examples, to help reinforce general chemical knowledge.
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Ural Chemical Calculator 2.1 by Andrey Lakhtin. Reg.Fee: $30
can calculate the mass of a starting substance and of the respective products of chemical reactions. The reaction equation may be known exactly or partially. Russian language support is provided. Requires the Borland Database Engine.
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Physics Collisions 1.1 by Kevin Tam. Reg.Fee: $0
is an oblique collisions simulator of particles. It shows balls that bounce around the screen and perform oblique collisions. As a result, it also provides a good simulation of the ideal gas laws. The volume can be changed by changing the window size. Temperature can be changed by increasing their kinetic energy. Density can be changed by adding balls.
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