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All the new Education files since the Vol.6, Num.12 CD-ROM
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Windows Education Music Education

MusicWorks 2.0 by Felix Software. Reg.Fee: $30
is a music theory education package that uses a graphical keyboard, music staff, and MIDI sound. It covers treble and bass clefs, and key signatures. Other features include the ability to compose and identify triads, seventh chords, intervals; and ear training exercises. The program keeps score and prints performance reports. This is challenging fun for students, teachers, and music lovers. Requires Win95/98.
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Music Publisher 32 by Braeburn Software. Reg.Fee: $130
is a professional quality Music DTP system. It is not a sequencer, rather it is a tool for professional-level musicians who need to be able to print out very high-quality music. Like a word-processor it relies on your abilities to produce correct output. In fact if you wish to break the rules of music to produce certain effects, it will not complain. Requires Win9x.
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Chord Pro Manager 3.01 by Garry Robinson. Reg.Fee: $20
allows you to create, edit, display and print song lyrics in a useful and high quality fashion, including the associated guitar or piano chords in a graphical representation.
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KeyNote Music Drills (32-bit) 1.75 by H&H Enterprises. Reg.Fee: $20
helps music students learn to identify the notes of the bass and treble clef, and to locate their positions on the keyboard or guitar finger board. There are additional drills for the alto and tenor clefs. Options include timed drills, the ability to set the drill item count, visual feedback for elapsed time via progress indicator bar, and sound playback. Requires Win95/NT.
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Pieces of Music Games 1.00 by G&R Cybermedia Group. Reg.Fee: $15
provides a fun and challenging game of Music Bingo, which teaches the names of music symbols.
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MT Free Sight Read 1.0 by Ronald Swerdfeger. Reg.Fee: $0
is a sight reading package for Win95/98/NT. Features include treble/bass drills, the ability to play MIDI files, and more.
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Singing Tutor for Windows 95 3.0 by VIMAS Technologies. Reg.Fee: $29
is designed for training vocal skills and tuning musical instruments. It allows you to measure voice and music pitch with high precision in real time by using the microphone input of the sound card.
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G-Tune 1.1 by JHC SoftWare. Reg.Fee: $15 Pnds.
is a computer based guitar tuning program for Win95/98. It uses your system's sound card to play the tones. It also includes a real-time oscilloscope and spectrum analyser.
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GuitarMan 1.1 by Roger Fitzgerald. Reg.Fee: $25
teaches recreational guitar and helps lay a foundation you can continue to build upon. It offers guitar tuning, transposing chart, simple finger picking style, print screens to refer to while offline, and a Play-Along style songbook. GuitarMan attempts to encourage you and leave no excuse to quit until you can play guitar.
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TablEdit 1.60 by Matthieu Leschemelle. Reg.Fee: $50
helps to manage guitars and other fretted instruments. It produces and prints great-looking tabs or/and musical notation staves. It also plays back tabs through a MIDI device. It can also import and export ASCII tab and MIDI files, and includes a basic chord builder which allows you to edit customized chords diagrams.
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Hendrix The Chord Generator 1.10 by Paolo Piga & Paolo Mereu. Reg.Fee: $45
allows everybody to make a series of operations that normal guitar handbooks can not allow, including the possibility to represent all theoretical chords positions. It contains powerful elaboration and search tools that allow to generate all the positions referred to the stated performing parameters.
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Teoria 1.3.4 by Jose Rodriguez-Alvira. Reg.Fee: $32
helps you develop music theory and ear-training skills. It offers several types of exercises, including construction and identification of intervals, scales, key signatures, chords and harmonic functions; intervals, scales and chords ear-training; and melodic dictation.
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