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All the new Education files since the Vol.6, Num.12 CD-ROM
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Windows Education Miscellaneous

Kid's Jumble 1.0 by Morgen Software. Reg.Fee: $?
is a game to help children improve their vocabulary, spelling, and math skills. It has an endless series of Word Jumbles or Math Questions to answer. Score is kept for correct and incorrect answers. Lists of up to the last 150 correct and incorrect answers are displayed.
Get program's ZIP file (educa\win\misc\ from the CD-ROM.

College Aid Calculator for Windows 5.1 by Think Ahead, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $30-$300
helps you calculate the cost of college tuition. It includes tax calculations, financial aid, what-if scenarios, and more. The program also includes an in-depth guide to reducing college cost.
Get program's ZIP file (educa\win\misc\ from the CD-ROM.

GPA+ 1.0.46 by AirBear & Bara. Reg.Fee: $24.95
is a powerful college assistant for Win95/98/NT that keeps tabs on all of your assignments, classes, and personal events. It includes a QuizBuilder and QuizTaker for studying course material, facilities for keeping up with your grades, an integrated calendar and address book, and much more.
Get program's ZIP file (educa\win\misc\ from the CD-ROM.

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