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Windows Programs

tells you who's online at all times, alerting you in real time when friends sign on and lets you know when they sign off.
Additional features include a Net detector, email notification for future users, an email checker with different alert modes, and online notification that can tell you when a newer version is available.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\CM\DOORBELL.ZIP]

Exit Windows
allows you to reboot Windows in half the time it normally takes.
You simply place a shortcut on your desktop and double click. If you are on a network it won't even log you off.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_SYSTM\EXIT.ZIP]

allows you to safely hide desktop icons from view and still let them exist on the desktop.
This is an excellent way to help clean up a cluttered desktop.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_SYSTM\HYDEME12.ZIP]

is a Notepad replacement for Win95, with many improvements.
Features include the ability to open multiple documents, font management for display and printer, page setup options, and search/replace functions.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\WP\NEWPAD.ZIP]

Send To Notepad & Command Prompt Here
adds two handy features to the Win95 context menu.
This allows you to immediately send a file to Notepad, or jump to a directory.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\US\STNCP.ZIP]

Tweak Reg
allows users of any level of experience to tweak some useful features of the Windows Registry.
This comes complete with a Help file explaining how to use each feature and any damage that could be caused. This version allows ten uses before registration is required.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_SYSTM\TWEAKR12.ZIP]

is a powerful thesaurus/dictionary for Win95/NT.
Features include a template for use with Word, over 100,000 synomym sets, over 120,000 root words, and more.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\WORDS\WDWEB16.ZIP]

Windows 95 Utility Suite
is a collection of six handy utilities to make life with Win95 a little simpler.
They can clear your "documents" menu, remove cookies, delete unnecessary file, look up your computer's name, list/print installed fonts, and displays free hard disk space.
Get the program ZIP file [\WIN\UT_SYSTM\WINUTL12.ZIP]

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