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All the new Word Proc. Utils files since the V.5, Num.9 CD-ROM
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Windows Word Proc. Utils WordPerfect Utilities

Screenwright by Alan Baird. Reg.Fee: $20-$60
is a screenplay formatting add-on which automates the screenwriting process that includes intuitive tools which remember characters, locations, and a glossary, and has full production-standard features. Requires WordPerfect for Windows 6.1.
Get program's ZIP file (words\win\wrd_perf\ from the CD-ROM.

Graphcat 4.20 by Science Translations. Reg.Fee: $20
contains macros that can create pictorial catalogs of clip art in WordPerfect for Windows 5.2+. All graphics formats readable by WP/WIN are supported, and can easily be set up in columns as a pictorial catalog.
Get program's ZIP file (words\win\wrd_perf\ from the CD-ROM.

The Letterhead Kit-32 7.1 by Science Translations. Reg.Fee: $20
allows you to create customized letterheads and forms on-the-fly in WP7/8 for Win95. It creates label pages, adds scanned signatures, ZIP bar codes, and adds any of 30 special message graphics for cargo, office, and financial information, including "Rush" and "Thank you for your payment."
Get program's ZIP file (words\win\wrd_perf\ from the CD-ROM.

FontKat/Win 2.10 by Science Translations. Reg.Fee: $20
builds font catalogs for WP/WIN with your choice of text and size. This works with versions 7 and 8.
Get program's ZIP file (words\win\wrd_perf\ from the CD-ROM.

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