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All the new Word Processing files since the V.5, Num.9 CD-ROM
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Windows Word Processing Desktop Publishing

Presto! OCR Pro 3.0 by NewSoft, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $50
is a powerful optical character recognition package for Win95. It accurately recognizes the original page and preserves all the formatting. You can easily scan and recognize any document in one step.
Get program's ZIP file (words\win\wp_dtp\ from the CD-ROM.

PageComposer 3.0 by Computer Corporation. Reg.Fee: $10
is an Urdu/Persian/Arabic language desktop publishing package for Win95/NT.
Get program's ZIP file (words\win\wp_dtp\ from the CD-ROM.

Ornamatica Intro 1.0 by Digital Workshop. Reg.Fee: $0-$30
allows you to create ornamental borders, cornerpieces and crossheads for a variety of desktop publishing and graphics projects. You simply drag a graphic onto the border and the program will automatically fill the sides, the corners or the whole border as required. Individual elements can be resized and rotated individually or in groups. Several samples and templates are provided to help get you started. This is a free working version.
Get program's ZIP file (words\win\wp_dtp\ from the CD-ROM.

Biblioscape 1.0 by CG Information. Reg.Fee: $49+
is a powerful reference management package for Win95/NT. It will not only let you manage your reference collection efficiently and elegantly, it will also save you significant amount of time by generating citations and bibliography automatically for you. You can publish your reference database on the Web, so others can access your reference collection and share information with you.
Get program's ZIP file (words\win\wp_dtp\ from the CD-ROM.

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