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All the new Graphics files since the V.5, Num.9 CD-ROM
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Windows Graphics Drawing Programs

Art-O-Matic 1.1 by 3Dize. Reg.Fee: $10
automatically draws cartoons, line drawings, paintings, and renderings from 3D models. Its beautiful artistic rendering and real-time WYSIWYG interface set it apart from most existing 3D software packages. Requires Win95/NT.
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DeltaCad 2.4 by Midnight Software, Inc.. Reg.Fee: $50
is a computer aided design program for Windows. Features include an easy-to-use tabbed dialog interface, context-sensitive help, sample drawings and libraries, support for up to 256 layers per drawing, and much more. This is suitable for everything from drafting and house plans, to business cards and signs. This is a 32-bit application, but Win32s is included for use on 16-bit systems.
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VCad Toolset 2.0 by D.V.D.. Reg.Fee: $66
provides new and enhanced commands for AutoCad R12 and R13.
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DDMech 08/97 by MechSoft. Reg.Fee: $16-$18
is an AutoLISP program made for machine designers and detailers. It shortens the design process by allowing the designer/detailer to quickly insert tapped holes, clearance holes, various fasteners, etc. Requires AutoCad.
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RenderSoft VRML Editor 1.5 by RenderSoft Software. Reg.Fee: $15
is a 3-D rendering package for Win95.
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Isotools 3.0 by Hector Martinez. Reg.Fee: $40
is a set of useful routines to assist in the creation of isometric drawings. Its graphical interface and extensive help makes this program fast and easy to use, greatly reducing the time needed to complete isometric details. Requires AutoCAD R14.
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Le Paint Petite (32-bit) by ASL. Reg.Fee: $25
is a 256-color paint program for children. It occupies the full screen to help prevent the child from going to other applications. Features include unique graphic special effects, rubber stamps, various screen erasers, fun sound effects, the ability to load/save/print images, and more. This is an excellent program, with many creative options to keep the little ones busy for hours. Requires Win95/NT.
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Child's Play III by ASL. Reg.Fee: $28
is an excellent 256-color children's paint program for Win95/NT. Features include incredible paint tool effects, rubber stamps, sound effects, and various screen erasers. Kids can also load, save, and print their masterpieces.
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